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    Yawn. Been there too many times. If that is the best they have, they are more desperate than I though!
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    Well, I never had that feeling about a Black person on the street, and I am a grandmother myself. I have walked past many kinds of people on many streets and had only one problem once--but it tuned out OK. Lucky? I never looked at it that way either. But, as a woman, I have used common sense by not walking for long distances by myself at night. As for racial slurs, I haven't uttered a single one since my mother (now in her 90s) washed my mouth out with soap when I was 7.
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    Thanks for this very fine diary. The opposition likes to say that Hillary only had tea with leader's wives, and it is important that we know that she made a great deal out of her visits to over 80 countries. There are many more such stories--let's try to tell them all! But, thanks again for this one.
  • Agreed--the "box" thinking of Obama supporters is staggering. 1. Everything that is negative about Obama is because of dirty tricks from Hillary's campaign. 2. If you say something about one person, it applies to all persons (e.g., Black pastors--and yes, I have personally met many wonderful ones.) 3. There is a typical white persona---PLEEAASE, that was a real insult. 4. If you have a photo taken with someone, that means you are best buddies. And on it could go. Hillary supporters are realists. We know Hillary has some problems and that there is no perfect candidate. But we do know that she is by far the best!
  • I ditto that!
  • Me either!
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    Excuse me, I don't like being lumped into any category called "typical White person." That's putting me in a box without knowing who I am--and it does not play to anything resembling "unity."
  • I second that nomination!
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    I agree with the main post. I had (notice the tense) a distant relative who was brilliant and did many good works. He was an environmentalist and engaged in positive activities to keep our planet functioning in a natural way. He was kind to me, brought a bottle of wine or flowers when he dropped by to visit. He played with the dogs, and they loved him. He could belt out a good song as he pounded an oldie but goodie on the piano. He had a great place on a lake where we could stay any time. It had a speed boat and the kids would love to fish there. But then one day it came out. He detested Mexicans--called them lazy and stupid, and they should all go home. He said their language was simple and inferior which is why they would never rise above "their place." The first attempt is to have a rational discussion. No, that banged up against his racist armor and bounced back onto me. One tries a couple more times. Then comes the reckoning. It's a painful decision, but you let go. No one should endure that toxicity. You cannot expose your family to it. You just cannot.
  • That is what ALL people do who have the courage of their convictions and are not playing games to their own advantage (like the relatives who kiss up to their hated old relative who might just leave them some money). I remember when I moved into town and went to a new church that was recommended to me. In the second sermon the minister said that the Jews killed Jesus and that we needed to always remember that whenever we ran into one of "them." Bye bye!
  • Yep, I just listened and you were absoutely 100% correct!
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    Let's hope Obama has jumped the shark and that Hillary will ultimately prevail. With the long-term and intimate involvement with Rezko and Wright up to the present time, and with no good answers ('cause there aren't any) McCain will indeed win with a landslide. Even of you haven't been for Hillary, PLEASE take a second look. Our party needs you.
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    Yay Allegre.  I am with you all the way.  Kos has become toxic.  No more good ideas, no more civility, no more fun.

    At least here the criticisms are almost always accompanied with actual FACTS!  It's an important distinction.

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    I guess you understand how Hillary supporters feel on Kos.

    I really do want to know more about Obama--there are gaps that people just fill in for themselves.  I agree that there is some really dirty stuff in there that I disapprove of, BUT I want to know exactly who he is, what he really believes in and supports (actions speak much louder than words here), and what his specific policies are.  When asked for specifics he usually says "OK I will get specific" and offers more generalities.  I want specific plans.  I can judge Hillary because she does this.

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    Ah, exactly what the doctor ordered.  GREAT post--thanks for your creativity that still does not hide a more serious message.  Dang--and to think I used to be addicted to Kos.  But it will be easier to dump Kos than smoking, that's for sure.  When an acitivty is no longer pleasurable (or in this case, enlightening and interesting), it's very easy to say "see ya."


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