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    She can't do it without folks like you, NH!  I have friend going. but a leg injury is keeping me at home. (look for Pat and Roxie--they are just like you, marvelous!) I am writing to superdelegates every day though, telling them why my husband and I love Hillary!

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    Good one!!!!!!!!!!

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    Despite all of Obama's graces and smarts, it will be "President McCain" if Obama wins the nomination.  I say this neither to inflame nor to insult his sincere followers.  The truth is that as Obama emerges as a REAL human being rather than the savior we have created in our own images, he can't win.  It has less to do with race than the company he has chosen to keep, his razor thin relevant experience and how that will (and has) badly compromised his judgment, and how this will all be exploited by the Republicans.  Rove et al. will be like kids in a candy store.

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    I volunteered to help serve the fancy fixin's at one of these affairs in San Francisco for John Kerry. These billionaires are not to be believed.  They are quite up front with what they expect the "possibly elected" to do for them.  The booze flows freely, and the person-du-jour does get loose-lipped.  (People like me in our white shirts and black pants are totally invisble--only the tray we carry with the cavier and crackers are visible enough to be snapped up.  They forget we have ears and brains.)

    I know Obama did not pull a gaffe--he said what he thinks to these people, and I can see them now, smilling while slightly shaking their heads up and down in agreement.

  • Totally agree!  Wright has not and will not go away and if Obama gets the Denocratic nod, the Republicans will have a field day with him and his close relationship with the Obama family.

    Train wreck coming....

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    Very nice diary--well done!

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    I moved back to California after living in rural Indiana for 10 years and I was horrified by Obama's remarks. First it was his "foreign affairs experience" that exceeded both Hillary's and McCain's and now he is characterizing a whole segment of society he obviusly knows absolutely nothing about.  First, guns are a way of life in rural midwest--gun insurance comes automatically in most home insurance policies in Indiana!  Guns were there when jobs were good.  Next, you want American Values?  Well, the midwest is where you find them--hard work, good people who help each other out and if things go wrong, just work a little harder.  Geesh--how could he have made such a dreadful statement?????

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    Sad story so beautifully told--and it is a situation that is repeated hundreds of thousands of times across our land.

    Hillary Clinton has already committed to help unravel the Alzheimers mystery that ravages the minds of the elderly (and sometimes younger folk). See her impressive work to date:
    http://www.senate.gov/~clinton/issues/se niors/
    http://www.senate.gov/~clinton/news/stat ements/record.cfm?id=278657

    A blood test will be available this summer to diagnose the problem early.

    But Hillary knows that the problem is greater than just finding a cure.  The burden on families to care for their loved ones who are so afflicted is enormous.

    We need Hillary more than so many seem to realize.

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    Congrats on getting this together!!  I pray your voices will be heard.  Maybe there is a courageous journalist with some investigative skills who will take some measure of strength from what you are doing and begin to tell the unbiased truth about Hillary AND about Obama.

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    What is going on is what Democratic conventions have traditionally been all about--a real contest, not a coronation.

  • Of course Hillary would get the GOP treatment, but as I said earlier is it OLD stuff (yawn) and not really very interesting any more.  How many of our taxpayers dollars went into Whitewater--70 million!--to find nothing.  Even Ken Starr had to state that clearly.  PLUS, she knows how to take this stuff.  That's important as well.

    Now, let's get back to Rezko/Obama with the understanding that this is still all unfolding.  I agree that pinning anything clearly illegal on Obama is unlikely, but the Republicans don't give a damn about that.  It's who you hung out with--it IS guily by association--that will give them a field day.  Couldn't he find better friends to give him money?  Couldn't he find a more loving place to worship? Just as they did to Kerry or Dukakis or Gore (or McCain himself in 2000 for that matter) they will do to Obama, and he is much easier pickin's because they have more to work with that everyday voters will find suspicious or distasteful.

    Dracomicron--do me one favor.  If Obama gets the Democratic nod, remember what I am telling you now.  OK?  I promise I won't say "I told you so.."

  • Well, let me be more specific.  Obama KNEW that Rezko was under suspicion and likely to be indicted, and continued to be his buddy anyway.  Is that a smart thing to do, or can you get off the hook by just saying it was "boneheaded?"  Oh yeah--I guess he did--so far, that is. You know, a problem here and there I can overlook, but this is a pattern...It's all just emerging.

    I am jumping on this wave in the making for one reason--The GOP will stomp him in the general election if he wins the nomination. They won't sit around and banter for the fun of it like we are doing.  Can you just see the ads now?  Here is just one possibility: A poor family huddling in a filthy room with no heat in the winter coupled with how Obama wrote letters supporting Rezko's deals gone bad (and those letters are available online, BTW) while little children are left out in the cold? Devastating.

    As for Hillary and Bill, that is about their personal lives. Who of us know what we would have done in her place?  There was a little daughter involved, who turned out quite well I might add.  Maybe Hillary can forgive more than the rest of us can, maybe she understands that "sexual addiction" is not to be confused with love.  In any event, that is their business and hardly a worthy argument.

  • Good try--But "just words."

    Pringle is as good as investigative and everyone in the business knows it. Ask around. She is thorough but most people don't like to read more than a sentence or two and think they have the whole story.  So they call the deep researchers "tedious."  Good try again, but cigar.

    Oh yes, the Clintons have had some shady people donate and had to give the money back. Power attracts shady people. But they weren't friends with them for 17 years.

  • Corruption comes easy when you are being pushed up the ladder.  PLEASE see my comment to the first challenge to provide the evidence you seek.  I DO come through for you.  Check out the author's reputation.  This is rock solid stuff--not in sound bites, not innuendo, but carefully researched facts.

    I will tell you something. Obama has a lot of talent and appeal, but we all know talented people who never got anywhere.  You have to know people in this world.  Obama knew the wrong (but powerful) people, and the Republicans will have a field day with all of this.  Can you say, "President McCain and 3 new Supreme Court Justices?"

    I want a Democrat in the White House.  Neither of our candidates are flaw-free, but Obama will lose his Teflon in a hurry once the GOP gets hold of all this stuff.  Hillary's skeleton are old news--yawn.  She has stood up to it for years and can take the hits.


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