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    I will leave the party (as will every woman I know) and becaome a "decline to state" but fight hard for Democrats in down-ticket races who I admire. There are many of them. The party as a whole no longer represents the values I hold. The double standards we have witnessed form the DNC and the Obama campaign are as stunning as they are ugly.

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    In my heart I realize that Obama may prevail (I really never thought so before--I thought Rezko, Ayers, Wright, his razor-thin expereince, that his hope and change comes from Axelrod's playbook and not his own fast rise from playing with the slime in Chicago would finally catch up with him).
    Lots of feelings here now, but it comes down to this:  So do I vote for McCain (whose service I admire)and his awful policies or a modern-day Elmer Gantry?  Not an easy choice.  If it were Biden or Edwards left standing, I would not be in this dilemmma--just sad that my gal may not make it.  But these two--in troubled times?  It's scary.  Very scary.  I am older, but I look at my little grandbabies and it's hard not to cry.  What will their world be like?
  • By the time the convention rolls around, Obama will probably be much weaker as we get to know more about him and Hillary much stronger.  GOOD POST!!!  Thank God they can't really vote until the convention.

  • That is SOOOO lame.  Do you hear us Hillary supporters complaining that Hillary often appears in political cartoons, and she looks white?

    If that's your best shot, you really have a razor thin case for your candidate.  

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    Go Hillary--She can do as much with far less money.  This woman is amazing....

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    Good one!  

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    If our phone-banking party is any indication, Hillary will win Indiana by about 54-46.  (Here we even give Obama all of the message machines and hangups.)

    The bad news is that we reached a number of McCain Republicans who registered as Democrats so that they could vote.  They freely admitted that they want Obama to be the nominee because he will be so easy to steamroll.  As one guy put it, "We will send him back to Illinois with his tail between his legs. He's a weaking.  Hillary's is a tough old broad.  She would be much harder to beat."

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    Over 30 flag officers, including Wes Clark and other 4 Stars, have endosed Hillary because she knows how to get us out of Iraq in a responsible way.  Obama is all over the place with his Iraq "plan" (whatever it is today).

    Oregon people are smart.  They will figure it all out in time.

  • Good for you!  I love running into decent Obama supporters.  They exist, of course, in good numbers and thankfully balance out the ones who have spit on me (well, only one did that) or yelled profanities(many).  

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    I heard HORRIBLE stories from friends in Iowa.  Obama supporters were thugs.

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    The right choice!

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    Oh please--Obama supporters are afraid of learning more about their guy.  The Republicans are all over this and they use some really dumb stuff (middle name, flag pin, etc.), but the facts are FAIR GAME for any Hillary supporter to discuss.  Those are what are used.

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    Thank you!

  • It will matter soon enough.  Obama just has too much to explain, and more keeps coming down the pike out of Chicago.  The delegates will realize what the GOP can do to him.  Hillary is the stronger fighter and can take on GOP attacks (as old, boring, and already oversaturated as those attacks are).

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    Flineo is a genius--thanks for putting it all together to show who Obama is--willing to destroy whoever might get in his way.


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