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    Hey, don't be such sore winners.

    I really liked this diary, Cyn. Hang in there!

    We have problems, and we need people to speak out about them.  

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    Oh please.  I was there.  Linfar announced she was leaving, said she would explain, never did explain, and then attacked a blogger here for no reason that anyone can decipher.

    People can do what they want, but "Poor Linfar" is entirely a misplaced feeling. She started whatever it is she is doing.  

    Get real!

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    They should be taken seriously.  Sometimes a cartoon says it best.

    http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/06/21/ lesson-for-the-day-pumas-can-sneak-up-on -you/#comment-378058

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    Yes, it is a free country and I resent being scolded because I see Obama as a flawed candidate.

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    Wonderful post.  All we have to make sure of is that HIllary stays in the race because there are NO votes until August.  I hope that many delegates who say they support Obama will see that they have made a terrible mistake in the meantime.  I know SO many people who are sorry that they voted for him now that they are getting a peek at what is underneath the slick surface.

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    Why is it that the Brits can ALWAYS see us much more clearly and accurately than we can see ourselves?  

  • Well, she made a truthful statement.  It may not have been a pleasant reminder of what all can happen from month to month during difficult times, but I do notice that so many of the attacks on Hillary (and Bill) have to do with truthful statements where the context was sensitive.

    The absolute truth is that anything could happen to either of them. This campaign has generated so much turmoil and ill-will that some home grown nut who doesn't care if he/she is caught could cause serious problems. (I was amazed at how minimal security was at the HIllary events I have attended.)  BUT, far more likley is that some of Obama Teflon will not longer hold.  The stuff still coming out is shocking.

    I worry about the two final nominees, whoever they will be.  This is be the ugliest period in American election history.

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    All we have from Obama is words--few actual actions.

    I agree with the poster.  I am having a lot of trouble with my party and I am as old as dirt. I have been loyal all these years, but I am not liking what I am seeing now.  LOTS OF UGLINESS AND STUPID MOVES.

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    What is wrong with you? I for one am getting sick of people calling others racist just because they come out with facts (or a clearly stated rumor) that are not flattering about the Obamas.  There is a lot to yet come out, and it is people with courage and are unaffected by name-calling who will do and and maybe, just maybe, they can help save us from the impending disaster of 4  more years of Republican rule or 4 years of a pol from Chicago in charge who has had no relevant experience.  

    And talk about a double standard.  The stuff out there about Hillary is as sexist and as blatantly false as anything I have ever seen in my long lifetime.  So do you go to Kos or here and rant against those people?  Oh, you don't.  I am not surprised.

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    I will find another simliar group or cause to support.  The way NARAL does business (doesn't even consult with its state affiliates on a matter that could spell the demise of their soperations) suggests that group is under INFERIOR leadership.  Let me see resignations at the top and I will reconsider.

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    Our party no longer holds the values that drew me away from my Repubilcan family's identification when I was a young woman.  I will not become a Republican, but I will no longer be a Democrat.

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    Funny how so many people have trouble remembering pesky little facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Thanks for this!

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    She is a great mom and would be a great President--maybe the best this country has ever had.  

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    Sooner (I hope) or later (that could be a problem)the voters will realize that you are the one with all the right stuff!


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