New Video: Take A Stand

Oregon gets it.

While Oregon is a small state, and its delegation gets seated in the nosebleeds behind Puerto Rico at the convention, it is one of the most politically exciting places in the country.

Innovative organizations like the Bus Project and 1000 Friends of Oregon are both putting feet on the street today and crafting progressive leaders and policy ideas for the future. 

But perhaps most significant is the Democratic Party of Oregon, which has been a driving force behind Oregon's wave of new Democratic leaders in the state legislature and the tremendous surge in Democratic voter registration.

The passion and values of Oregon's grassroots party activists are captured well in the DPO's new video "We The People." Video after the jump.

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And if you like that one, watch its precursor, "America's Party":

If you don't like what your county, state, or national party is doing, don't just complain- go get involved! The Democratic Party is not some mystical power, it's simply a group of people. You could be one of them.

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