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    Related to this post, I'd also just like to point folks to a new report today from the Center for Reproductive Rights: Defending Human Rights: Abortion Providers Under Siege.
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    As many of you have probably heard, yesterday the Supreme Court ruled against two school districts in Seattle and Louisville in two separate school integration cases.

    Our Executive Director, Alan Jenkins, who served as the Assistant to the Solicitor General during the Clinton Administration, Associate Counsel to NAACP LDF, and clerked for Justice Blackmun (Roe v. Wade) has posted a diary on the rulings.  

    Please give it a read, and we'd love to hear the thoughts of the MyDD community.

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    As Matt said, we're out there. There is a sizeable black middle class that is wired and active on the Internet, but perhaps not participating in the political forums most of the folks here frequent.

    I'm curious to know where that is happening.

    I ask, because our organization had a fairly disappointing experience recently trying to organize online around issues of race.

    Last month, we launched an online campaign to raise awareness about racial and economic disparities in health care - specifically in New York City as it relates to a series of hospital closures that are slated to occur.

    You can view the website we created - a google map linked to a letter writing campaign - here.

    We compiled lists of local blogs, NY State blogs, health care blogs, and blogs that focused primarily on issues of race (we had about 30 of these).

    Almost every single New York blog covered us - from The Albany Project to Daily Gotham to Empire Zone.  Quite a few health care blogs picked up our story about racial and economic inequalities in access to and quality of care.

    Only 2 race blogs covered our campaign.  And almost no one even replied to our emails to say why they didn't feel comfortable posting about the campaign.

    I'm still scratching my head over why this happened.  Any insights would be appreciated.

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    Don't forget that SCOTUS is hearing two important school diversity cases today.

    More here.


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