The Economic Recovery and Opportunity

The Opportunity Agenda has created a series of tools for advocates and policymakers to use as they advocate for equal opportunity in the economic recovery process.

Our most recent tool is a new report, Economic Recovery and Equal Opportunity in the Public Discourse: An Analysis of Media Content and Public Opinion (PDF). This report analyzes mainstream media coverage and a large body of public opinion research regarding America’s economic recovery and the ways in which it is affecting different communities and groups within our society.

It is intended to identify trends in reporting and beliefs, with the aim of contributing to a more robust, more accurate, and more sophisticated public discourse on this subject.

The report consists of two parts: an analysis of media content, in the mainstream press and, to a lesser extent, broadcast news; and a meta-analysis of existing public opinion research on the economy, recovery, equality, disparities, and the role of government.

For the full report (PDF), please visit here.

We also have a recent memo offering communications ideas and messaging guidance helping to promote an equitable economic recovery that includes all Americans. Read Preserving the American Dream for All: Talking About Solutions for an Equitable Economic Recovery.

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