Living Our Values

One of the themes President Obama spoke about in his speech the other night was returning to the America we grew up knowing--returning to the America which we believe in.  In addressing the nation, President Obama reminded us that "living our values doesn't make us weaker.  It makes us safer, and it makes us stronger."

With this message resonating in our ears, it's difficult to hear about what a Sheriff in Arizona has been doing recently.  Relying heavily on racial profiling, Sheriff Jeff Arpaio has been pulling over "Latino-looking" drivers have been pulled over for minor violations and asked to produce Social Security cards.  He's focused his efforts on sidewalk "crime sweeps" in low-crime neighborhoods--detaining those who cannot prove their citizenship status on spot, while ignoring the real issues our communities face.

Finally, earlier this month Sheriff Arpaio was getting ready to round up immigrant men and women and march them off to separate "tent cities" surrounded by electric fences.

Our friend's at America's Voice have a made a video detailing some of these affronts on basic human dignity.  You may view and sign a petition being sent to the Attorney General demanding an investigation of Sheriff Arpaio here.

Read more at The Opportunity Agenda's blog.

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