Who should fear President Obama and why?

Big Oil, Defense Contractors, Wall St. Speculators and Lobbyists.

They should be afraid because they will no longer have 'one of their own' in the White House.  Barack Obama is not one of them.  He is not the grandchild or child of one.  He didn't take their money to fund his campaign or his career in the US Senate.  Although he may have met their children in Harvard, but he did not go to work for them.

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These are The Four Horsemen that have been robbing the American Public since WW2.  They have everything to fear from a President Barack Obama.  They employ the oldest business model in the world: they hoarde land using violence and bribes to get other people to do the work, then the hoarders keep most of the wealth for themselves.

In the case with 'Big Oil', they use their fabulous wealth to purchase military strength to help keep us from questioning their abuse or from challenging them in the market place.  In poor countries, without a middle class that will demand the rule of law, oil pays the dictators & military juntas directly as rent-a-cops.

Here, in the US and other 'civilized' nations, the payment is less direct.  The middle class demands a level playing field for confidence in conducting their business. The marketplace is used to funnel money from investors via the speculating 'bubbles' that keep appearing and bursting.  They vary in flavor (S&L, Junk Bonds, Tech, Mortgage), but they all end up draining large amounts of wealth from the public and consolidating it into the hands of the few.  This is how 'trickle down' prosperity is in reality - 'sucking up' of the wealth.  We hear the capitalism described as 'fair market' and glorified as the solution to our ills.  But, this form of rigged capitalism is neither cure nor fair.

Big Oil cannot overtly shoot or imprison us for questioning them, here in the US where we have an expectation of the rule of law.  We are given the appearance of a level playing field, but it exists in name only.  The system is 'gamed' with secret deals, loopholes and white-collar crime.  They gain control of the military through their partner, Defense Contractors.

It is called the engine of capitalism but it is nothing more than a complex system of tyranny and thievery. Oil, Defense, Specuators and Lobbyists all exist solely to consume the wealth of us all. They do not know how to restrain themselves and their greed is matched by their lack of regard for the rest of us. For these tyrants and thieves, there is a new sheriff in town and he's looking out for the whole country instead of them.

Antonia Juhasz's brilliant read, The Tyranny of Oil details quite clearly the nefarious influence, deeds and intentions of 'Big Oil'; the ringleader in this group.  She opens with a quotation for us all to consider from Henry Demarest Lloyd, "For the ignorance of the public is the real capital of monopoly."


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Re: Who should fear President Obama and why?

There is an extremely small group of people who should develop a healthy paranoia:
 They're the Uber-Wealthy old people with greedy heirs. The current law has a "sunset" provision that eliminates the estate tax in 2010, but reinstates the tax in 2011 with a $1 million exemption.

But it's the kids they need to be afraid of, not PRESIDENT Obama.

by QTG 2008-11-06 02:14AM | 0 recs
Re: Who should fear President Obama and why?

Look at Bush.

Incompetence is what should be feared.

If Obama is a good president like Clinton was nearly EVERYONE will make money.

If you are rich you want to be taxed if being taxed means no great depression.

How you cut the pie is nearly unimportant trivial compared to wether the pie is shrinking or increasing and by how much.

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