The slaveholders are afraid of fascists. (That's rich!)

So Newt Gingrich, the spokesperson for pious corporate racists (aka GOP) spouts off on O'Reilly about how advocates of Gay Rights are 'radicals' intent on Facism.

Gingrich: "[T]here is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us"

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Wow, that is so true to the GOP strategy of labeling both their own ill deeds and the good intentions of others - as the exact opposite of what they are.  I mean, he's fucking lying.  It's a lie and it's a slander.  He says it with a straight face.  Is he delusional or a conniving schmuck?  Tough choice.

He is wrong because Facism hates Liberals. Facism seeks to use military force both domestically and abroad to intimidate, steal and kill for their own profit.  Actually, that does sound like someone you know Newt, (pssst!  It's your party, jackass)  Facism has nothing to do with gays wanting to share healthcare costs and vacation benefits.

It is interesting that Newt chooses to accuse a group of people (in this case gays) of militant, violent intolerance whose aim is to subjugate the rest of the population.  It's text book GOP 'spin', i.e. accuse someone else of your foul deeds.  This draws attention away from your deeds and if they accuse you of anything, you laugh it off as sour grapes and desperation.  I don't know about you, but I've had it up to my eyeballs with GOP 'spin'.  I'm tired of hearing the robber barons, the corrupt corporations, religious fundamentalists and plain ol' racists cover their foul deeds with 'spin'.  Their bloody deeds, moral bankruptcy and administrative ineptitude can only accentuate failures brought about by their unending greed and callousness.

Then, he goes on to talk about 'historical Christianity' etc. History?  Really, Newt?  Hmm, let's see...history.  In 'history' Newt, gays have been beaten, tortured, insulted, marginalized, ridiculed, robbed, threatened and abused in every way possible.  It is absurd and ironic that you accuse them in two weeks of marches demanding equality, of perptrating the very abuses heaped upon them for thousands of years.  And your beloved Christian Reich has been at the front of the line in abusing and attacking these people.

Hey Newt, just how many police do gays have out there beating your poor defenseless 'historical Christians'?  How many groups of gays are driving around on a Saturday night in a pick up truck looking for a straight man walking alone, so they can beat him to death with a baseball bat?  How many intolerant, fear and hate peddling white men like you have to hide their sexual preference from everyone for fear of losing their job?

You like Jesus a lot, Newt.  Tell me, where does Jesus tell us to gang up on people because they are different from us?  It's probably right next to the section that tells us that God wants us to drop cluster bombs on civilians, right?  Hey, since you claim to be such a patriot, too...tell me where in the Constitution it says to gang up on people.

Newt, you and Bill O'Reilly can play the part of the angry, intolerant, pontificating white patriarch - and you will. Here is a piece of 'history' for you both: you're both part of the problem and you're both 'history'.  I want you to keep on doing what you're doing, so that I can teach my daughter what real harm people are capable of and how to defend against it.


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