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    Are married women fair game when it comes to offensive commentary?  Or just public figures?  What if Wolff was talking about Michelle Obama?  Or one of your female relatives?

    Wrong is wrong.  This isn't about politics.  It's about hate.

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    My husband threw a book across the room and wandered off muttering 'asshole!!'  Have you noticed the haters are now targeting Michelle Obama?  Hate has no preference - and the misogynistic kind seems to know no boundaries.  The people saying lousy things about Hillary will turn to Obama as soon as they put Hillary down.  It flat out wrong - all of it.

    Sometimes I despair for us as a society - I really do.

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    Richard Wolff was given a national platform to air his prejudices.  That is so wrong on any number of levels.  

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    This isn't intended as a candidate diary, by the way.  The Vanity Fair article just really twisted me.  

    I'll be around as much as I can to forward the discussion - but the last few days have been really bad pain days for me - so please understand if it takes me a while to address your comments.

    Oh - and you really should read the Vanity Fair article to understand why I'm so steamed (if you haven't already).


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    I'm sorry your father didn't survive.  My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before we were married.  It was about the size of a soda can and growing on the hearing nerve.  We discovered it when his face became paralyzed.  MRI'S were new then too.  Within a week we were flying across country to Shands Hospital in Florida - to their brand new MRI and teaching hospital.  12 hours of surgery later the tumor was removed.  It wasn't cancerous, and the doctor got all of it (Dr. Rhoton - I still remember him.  He saved my husbands life).

    There's still some paralysis and he lost hearing in one ear - but he lived and the tumor didn't grow back (we were told 85% of them did).  The real changes were to his personality, unfortunately.  I ended up married to a stranger.  The brain is a very delicate thing.  I wish Teddy Kennedy well.

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    My god!  The look on everyone's face when they realized what it was.  I've never seen a helicopter penis before.  I gots to get me one of those!!!

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    Do you really investigate every past post and comment from someone before commenting yourself?  I don't.  I focus on the conversation at hand.  Frankly - it never occurred to me to parse past opinions.  But I've read comments like yours before - from others here.  It kinda bothers me a bit.  I can't say why, exactly - but it does.  Perhaps because it doesn't allow for growth or a change of opinion or mind.  It locks someone into a set way of thinking.  I read peoples opinions for new ideas, new ways of thinking.  I'm not looking for an echo chamber.  I gravitate here because I'm more likely to find less vitriol regarding the nomination process - but I read everyone's opinion - even if it doesn't exactly jive with mine.  I just don't investigate them.  Isn't that very time consuming?  

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    and Hillary Clinton 'old'?  Kennedy represents the stalwart old guard of the Democratic Party - people who put it all on the line during one of the most divisive times in American History.  He's done his party proud - then and now - but he's not alone in that.  I remember when Bill Clinton was elected.  He was lauded as representative of the 'new' wing of the Democratic Party - bringing youth and vigor to a party worn down by 12 years of Republican occupation of the White House.  Now both Clinton's are openly denigrated as Republican by the very same Democrats who lauded their entry into the White House 16 years ago.  It just seems to me that up has become the new down.  I thought it was Republicans who required the litmus tests.

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    the 'old' you mention is often translated into actual years rather worn out policies and ideas.  We are way too willing to toss the baby out with the bathwater here in America.  We worship what is perceived as new and young - trashing or ignoring what is considered old and therefore useless.  It's nutty.  So I understand what the diarist means - though I don't intend packing up my kit and leaving - no matter how often I'm told to `go back to the 1950's where I belong' (my knowledge of 1950's America comes from watching re-runs of `Leave it to Beaver' on Nick at Night).  But I'm an Independent Progressive who usually votes Democratic.  I too have worked my ass off for change in America - but I did it because it was right - not because it benefited one particular party.  I do not want nor intend to stand aside and let the 'young' take over.  I'm just not the retiring kind.  

  • Or the portion of that 80 million you consider as having gone `bad'.  That's how many baby boomers there are, you know - 80 million.  Add in the 'Jones' generation (1954 - 1964, of which I'm a part - another 53 million, by the way) - and you have almost half the population of the United States.  And we ALL think alike (or almost all).  We ALL hate those younger than us.  Please!  Saying there's a 'bad element' of baby boomers is flat out bigoted.  It's like saying that since most serial killers are males in their late 20's that all 20-something males are really serial killers in situ.

    I don't agree with targeting anyone for any reason.  This election has been both racist and sexist - and sexist in the extreme.  The extreme racism's yet to come, I fear.  As soon as Obama's the nominee it will roar out of the gate - just as gender bashing has with Hillary Clinton.  As a human being I'm pissed as hell about both.

  • were discussing this very same subject just today - how we've actually gone backwards.  It's gotten much worse for women - in every conceivable way.  My sister's a teacher.  Boys in her class see noting wrong with calling her a bitch and a ho - they make lewd references, saying she holds no sway over them because of her gender (according to them she's inferior).  

    This is a real-time problem folks.  It goes way beyond politics - Clinton's running for president just brought it into sharp focus - just like Obama's candidacy brought out all the racists (something I predicted would happen).  Looks like we've got a longer way to go than anyone realized (and that's not blowing smoke).

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    Whoever's the nominee.  And I do live in cow country (about 70 miles north of Atlanta) - but my husband works in one of Atlanta's satellite cities - for a big corporation.  We moved here from Chicago (work related).  Now - we had both lived in the south previously (me in Texas, my husband here in Georgia, the both of us in North Carolina).  We ran into racism - no doubt about that - and sexism.  20 years ago in North Carolina I was refused work entirely due to gender.  A friend of mine was refused service at a Greensboro restaurant because she was black.  People were quite up front about it too.  I had hoped all that might change.  10 years running a theater in Chicago and operating solely within the artistic community was quite insulating.  But nothing's really changed.  We hear shit every day that just blows our minds.

    So perhaps there are strong Democratic ties here in Georgia.  I don't dispute that.  I'm just saying those ties might be more apparent if Edwards were the candidate apparent.  None of the people we live near or work with are interested in voting for an African American or a woman.  It's upsetting, it pisses me off - but that's what I'm hearing.  No one would be more happily surprised if either Clinton or Obama came close to carrying this state in the general election.  

    So let's hope those Democratic ties you refer to go deeper than people's surface prejudice.

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    I go to vote - and outside of my husband - I'm the only Democrat in line.  I'm also the only progressive I know (me and the hubby, that is).  It's really depressing.  You try having substantive conversations with neighbors who drive around with gun racks and confederate flags!  One woman wouldn't let her teenaged son come do summer yard work because I offered to let the poor kid read Harry Potter.  Talk about isolation!

    I would hope whoever the nominee is will do well here - but I don't think that will be the case - Hillary or Obama.  My husband hears nothing but racism and misogyny at work.  They would vote McCain if he quacked like a duck and wore lampshades to bed!  No one is planning to vote Democratic - no one.  Now - Barr's entrance in the race may indeed siphon off some of the McCain vote - but Georgia's a red state, and damn proud of it, mores' the pity.  Pigs will fly before Georgia votes Democratic in a general election.  

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    And if you don't understand the reference - I suggest looking up the musical stylings of Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby.

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    Best way to shut someone up - right?  Well go ahead.  You do realize you troll rated me for decrying misogyny.  This isn't you 'defending' Senator Obama.  If you'll look back at my previous comments (and posts) you'll realize I'm planning on voting for Obama should he be the nominee.  I certainly don't hate the man.  

    What I will not stand for (nor keep silent over) is misogyny dressed up in faux Democratic dogma.  That's what the whole "She's a bitch" crap is about - misogyny.  You can criticize her all you damn well please - but on her record, not her gender.  I took to task a comment I felt relied on gender alone to criticize - and I'll continue to do so - troll ratings be damned.


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