• She was called a drug addict, a whore who broke up his first marriage, someone with serious mental health issues.  McCain should have defended his wife and daughter.  He didn't, and that has always colored how I look at the man.

  • when he didn't stand up for his family.  Bush said some terrible things about McCain's wife and daughter - really terrible things.  Despite that - McCain was (rather famously) pictured hugging Bush.  He campaigned for him.  

    If the man won't stand up for his own family - how's he gonna stand up for America?  Caving in to Bush showed McCain had a price - his own ambition.  He'd literally sacrifice anything for power.  I have no respect for someone like that.

  • on a comment on MyDD Ahead of the Curve on Unity over 6 years ago

    There's still a tinge of "let's blame the Clintons" clinging to your response.  I could counter that there are lots of Clinton supporters who feel the same about Obama - and it would be just as specious - not to mention off focus.  And dismissing the extremists on either end as 'trolls' misses the point.  I commented that it was easier to maintain a dialog here than DKos.  Michigoose agreed, adding that over at Kos (and other places) Hillary was still being burned at the stake on a daily basis.  It is and they are.  No excuse either - no matter which side of the fence you've set up housekeeping.  

    So let us not blame Hillary for Kos or Obama for No Quarter.  Both sites have something in common, actually (which I find a hoot).  They hate the other candidate so much they are willing to vote for McCain should Hillary and Obama team up on a unity ticket.

    Now THAT'S nuts!!    

  • on a comment on MyDD Ahead of the Curve on Unity over 6 years ago

    were still treated as pariahs.  Mention Hillary in a positive light - and the troll raters came out in force.  I stopped posting and commenting to save my overall user status (and because I deemed it useless to continue trying).  I'd never been down rated in all my years there until this primary season.

    So I spent more time here - and stayed.  At least here substantive dialogs between adversaries were possible.  I cannot even imagine what will happen over there should Obama select Hillary as his running mate.  What are all those anti-Hillary people going to do?  Start hating Obama?  Its nuts.  Just as its nuts to vote for McCain.  I look at it like this: I couldn't stand Bill Clinton - and he turned out to be one of our very best presidents.  I am praying that Obama will also be great.  

  • on a comment on The American Stain over 6 years ago

    I felt exactly the same way when I finished reading "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee".  There is an alternate American history that's rarely discussed (let alone taught) in our schools and universities.  You should send a copy of this essay to Dark Wraith over at Big Brass Blog.  The more people read it the better.  The epiphany of change never happens without a good, hard, honest look back.  This I know on a personal and spiritual level.  And we cannot look if we do not know.

  • during the writers strike.  He did a sketch on his show wherein all his female staffers were dressed up as hookers.  He called them whores - said that's how they were all making money during the strike - whoring down on Santa Monica Blvd.  I cannot believe those women allowed him to do that.  It wasn't just the writers mind - he introduced secretaries, make-up artists - all the women working in the front office.  He introduced them by name - did a close-up on their faces so you'd know who each one was.  

    It was disgusting.  My husband still talks about that sketch.  He had never noticed that Leno always stuck little 'gotcha's' against women into almost all of his monologues (I had and didn't like Leno for it).  Without writers to filter all that hate - he was left writing the show himself (something he trumpeted, actually - the man was proud of it).  Well - the result wasn't pretty.

    The rest of that 'my female staffer are all whores' sketch showed hovels in famine ridden Africa (complete with skeleton-like starving children) with Leno saying those were the homes and families of his 'poor' writers.  The whole thing made me want to throw up.  No - Leno can take his place next to Chris Matthews in the 'Insensitive Misogynists' hall of fame.

  • Like you - I doubt I will see a woman elected president in my lifetime - and you and I are of slightly different generations (making it all the more heartbreaking).  I received the same treatment you did.  Every campaign I've worked on, every Democratic cause I've championed - I've been relegated to the role of assistant.  I also feel the Democratic Party abandoned Senator Clinton - and for specious reasons (none of which have anything to do with Senator Obama).    

    I congratulate Senator Obama on his victory.  Pray god we win in the fall.  The prospect of a McCain presidency (AKA more Bush idiocy) doesn't bode well for America.  

  • All it's about is hate.  I post a comment decrying the assholes making death threats against Senator Obama - and out crawl the gotcha boys.  Show us!  No one hates Hillary! (snark, snark, snark).    

    So I point to a couple of examples and ask if we can now stop playing who's had the more death threats - and off we go to the races.    

    You are wrong, srici.  Far too many Obama supporters look at this election through hate filled eyes.  You can denounce divisive behavior till the cows come home - you're nothing but a drop of water in the middle of a drought.

    I'll leave you to it.

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    I thought it was all of our party - you know - participatory democracy?    

  • http://www.ny1.com/ny1/content/index.jsp ?stid=3&aid=69422

    http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/yea rs/2007/0504071hillary1.html

    http://www.crooksandliars.com/2007/07/25 bill-oreillycom-threatens-hillary-clint ons-life

    There was also a YouTube video (that has since been taken down) by a man claming to be an Obama campaign worker asking people to go out and assassinate Hillary.

    Now can we stop this gotcha "My death threats are better than your death threats" and condemn them across the board?

  • This whole thing is nuts!  Those posters calling for Obama's death belong in prison - right next to the YouTube guy who asked people to go out and assassinate Clinton.  Who are these people?  Where did they grow up?  Are they all sociopaths?  

  • Do you really think all Clinton supporters are racists who want Obama dead?  That's as asinine as people who think all Obama supporters want Clinton dead.  Come on!  I haven't lost my sense of right and wrong.

  • We're all beginning to sound like Michele Malkin - cue loony toons music.  I hope they find those assholes and put 'em in jail - same with those issuing death threats against Clinton or McCain (Limbaugh, for instance?).

  • on a comment on Live thread at the RBC over 6 years ago

    The representative for Michigan can manage it.  Why not Wexler?  And you can't say Michigan's spokesman is in the tank for Clinton.  He's advocating for Obama.

  • comment on a post Live thread at the RBC over 6 years ago

    I'm surprised the Obama campaign put this man forward as their representative.  His sneering, chiding and pounding the table is reminiscent of a five year old being told he has to go to bed early.  What's he going to do next - call somebody out for a fight?  Donna Brazille was a much better advocate - and she's on the rules committee, able to effect change.  

    All this does is make Democrats look like idiots.  


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