• The fun I am making is of the statement itself.  It's a pretty stupid thing for an aide to say.  And do you really want a President who looks blankly when cyber-terrorism is discussed?

    As for old people not having a clue - I probably count as 'old' in your book (being over 50)- and I blog with people who are in their 80's.

  • Something like that's an imperative.  Basic literacy would be nice too.  If you remember - George Bush couldn't name the leaders of any countries.  When asked about Pakistan - he said the Presidents first name was 'General'.

    And look what happened there.

  • God help us!

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    that I'm aware of my ass - only I don't need both hands to find it!

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    George Carlin was one of the seminal comic voices of my generation.  I met him once, you know - more than thirty years ago.  He was promoting his album "On the Road".  I had a friend who worked at our local Tower Records - and he got me in for the early meet 'n' greet.  I was bowled over by the man - barely able to muster a coherent 'hello'.  I was so flustered in fact - I forgot to ask him to sign my album cover.  Before he left - he got out some chalk and scrawled the outline of a body on the cement in front of the store (it was the cover of his album).  Tower preserved that until the store was demolished a few years back.  

    God I'm bummed about this.  I grew up listening to Carlin - and Pryor, and Redd Foxx....not to mention Cheech and Chong (I can still recite 'Basketball Jones' in my sleep). They're all gone now - and who's around to replace them?  Comedy has changed.  Oh - I like the satirists (Stewart, Colbert) - but it's not the same.  The irreverence is gone - replaced by a world-weary wink.  We were more innocent then - more easily shocked and dismayed by work events.  We still believed humanity was basically good, you see.  Carlin and his fellow troubadours punctured cynicism's trial balloons - pointing out where and how the `you can't do that' people were wrong.  The world is suddenly a sadder place.

    Check out some of the clips up on YouTube.  He was making people laugh right up until the end.  I really like his recent stuff.  Nothing pissed Carlin off more than mendacity at its slimiest.  I'd have to agree.

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    And shame on every Democrat who voted for this.  We expected more - and we deserve better!

  • I've had this same conversation with my husband and several of our friends.  We all remembered his involvement in the Valerie Plame mess - not to mention his penchant for disseminating White House talking points.

    Frankly though - I would have waited before exploring all this.  Reaction to his death has been bizarre.  People seem unusually reactionary.  For example: There were numerous "I Hate Russert" diaries sprinkled all over the internet the very day he died.  It was appalling.  Complete lack of respect for the mans family.  That the most of these seemed to be on progressive sites made me ashamed.

    Those were then followed by a blizzard of canonization essays - the complete opposite.  Again - odd.  Diaries like yours, examining his work and asking people to discuss it are, I believe fair - but again - I don't think you're going to find too many people willing to explore such things at this juncture.  They're still in the reactionary phase - unwilling to do anything other than jump to extremes.

    Calling you a troll, and the other appalling accusations being thrown your way is, in my opinion, way over the top - but then your most vociferous detractors usually only come here to stir the pot.  Pity.  This site has really begun to slip off the rails of late.  Too many people line up behind the agitators - all too willing to jump on the "Who's a troll?  You're a troll!" bandwagon.

  • Hide rated for accusing Linfar of agreeing with, or condoning murder.  You should be banned for such bullshit.  

    What in hell has happened to this place lately?  

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    Then why do it?  And getting personal and nasty with me doesn't change things.  I re-read the comments on that particular diary (the ones I could find as the diary itself was deleted) - and you did indeed tell people to stop towards the end when it got crazy.  I apologize for connecting you to the violent tripe that thread degenerated into.  I've been threatened before - and it provokes a big reaction.  

    But if you really believe that - if you really think calling someone out is as wrong as you said back then - then why do it now?  It's inconsistent.  

    By the way - my troll rating on you is for the language and personal attack.  Totally unnecessary.    

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    You always call people out - put their names up, inviting other posters to harass them.  You did it all the time to Alegre - and now you do it to anyone you want to make go away.

    Were you part of the `lets go get her in the real world' anti-Alegre pile on that happened last week?  I was appalled by the implicit threats attached to that diary.  Do you know what it means to have someone actually come after you?  I do.  I was attacked by right wingers who took exception to my feminist viewpoint.  They broke the fourth wall.  They ferreted out personal information attacking me directly in my home.  It got so bad the case was turned over to the FBI where I am told it is still an on-going investigation.

    So back off on the 'gotcha' tactics.  The diarist is entitled to his/her opinion.  Disagree?  Well comment on that.  Its bad enough you toss the `troll' label around like confetti.  Calling people out - making `examples' of them is going too damn far - not to mention smacking of fascism.  

    My opinion on the diary?  I think the diarist is attaching blame to the Obama campaign that rightly belongs to the media.  There.  No pejoratives, no personal attacks.  Just my opinion.  

  • There are a number of blogs I just don't bother to visit all that often anymore.  Others, I've decided to take an extended vacation.

  • Until then - I'm removing my 'recommend'.  Sorry.  It was a good diary too.  

  • that many of the people who only 2 months back spoke about Clinton as if she were the devil itself - now are falling over themselves to sing her praises?  

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    Well.  I guess that makes you an expert on being a woman in this society.  You know - I've heard people say things like that before - only the friends they mention usually belong to some ethnic group.  I guess the meaning's the same though - right?

  • Watch this video in Canada Gals diary:

    Sexism Might Sell, But We're Not Buying It!

    Though from the tone of your comment - it wouldn't matter WHAT anyone said about Clinton.  You'd continue your selective blindness.  And don't bother posting reams of why Hillary's the devil and misogyny's not misogyny and how I don't know anything because I'm not you (who obviously knows everything there is).  In other words - please take your hate somewhere else.


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