• It was written by a woman who underwent the procedure:

    Uncommon Misconception

    I think that pretty much says it all - but I would like to add one more thing.  I have a friend whose fetus died early in the pregnancy.  Because 'late term abortion' was banned in her state (no exceptions) she was forced to carry the remains of that dead fetus until her body naturally expelled it - or nine months expired (which ever came first).  She went the nine months, at which point they induced labor and she gave birth to a corpse.

    It shattered her.  Absolutely shattered her.  Her 'mental distress' before, during and after was overwhelming.  That's what's wrong with Obama's stance.  There are always exceptions.  It should be the doctor who helps decide - not some politician who hasn't a clue.  

    By the way - Obama's views on abortion haven't changed from before he was running.  I heard him state this very same opinion back in December of 2006.  I have to say - it bothered me then.  

  • I never did a 'goodbye' diary - I just left.  I mean - why bother?  After all - they drove someone like Maryscott O'Connor off for disagreeing with the company line.  She actually used to defend DHinMI, you know - even when his commentary bordered on psychotic loon territory.  He then paid her back by leading the charge to kick her off.

    So this Hillary thing isn't the first time DHinMI's tendency towards misogyny has showed.  In fact - that's what prompted my earlier vacation.  I wrote a couple of diaries addressing the situation in general - and that got me targeted.  I'd only just started posting there again when the Hillary hate started.  So I just don't get it when people here claim everything was hunky-dory over at KOS.  They all just LOVED Hillary.  Right.  That diary alone confirms it.  

  • You've got one hell of a sense of humor!  And yes - I do see your point.  I had my own HA! moment recently when someone who'd heavily criticized me for suggesting that Obama might not fulfill every promise literally took off on a tear over FISA.

    Who says politics isn't funny?

  • He's the reason I took a vacation from KOS a couple years back.  I don't think his cheese is very closely attached to its cracker.

  • It's the first laugh out loud moment I've had all night. :)

  • on a comment on Take a Deep Breath, Count to 10 over 6 years ago

    Some people can only see in black and white.  You either support everything the candidate does and says - or you're for the other guy.  

    I'm with you.  I'm disappointed, I'm going to voice it - but I'm still voting for Obama.  That just doesn't register with the linear minded.

  • I was actually told to "go back to the 1950's where I belonged".  Seriously.  How idiotic is that?  Obama's 'my generation'!  Did that person want HIM to disappear and shut up as well?  The rancor drove me to take a vacation from several progressive sites.  I front page at My Left Wing and Blondsense - that kept me marginally sane.  And I'd comment over at Crooks & Liars on occasion - but the hate speech ran deep.  It was as if all these formerly progressive sites had suddenly turned Republican - not to mention time warping back to the mid 90's.  Clinton was back to being accused of murdering Vince Foster, and all of her supporters were going to hell in the same handbasket as she.

    So I'd visit pro Clinton sites only to be met with racist anti-Obama rants that turned my stomach.  It was crazy!  And NO ONE wanted to really discuss anything!  I could have been caught up in the storming of the Bastille for all it was worth.  Now.....you mark my words.  Things are about to get ugly again - and not just between Obama and McCain.  Obama will continue his move towards the middle (something Bill Clinton did - and successfully).  But this is gonna piss a lot of people off.  Already Arianna Huffington has begun to turn.  Keep in mind this woman is a Clinton hater from back when she shilled for Republicans.  No one beat the Obama drum louder than she.  Now she writing editorials telling him he'd better beware the backlash.

    Oh yes.  I'm afraid the Democratic Party is going to fracture itself all to hell over this election.  I'd like to be wrong - but the bar was set in the primary.  Attacks were as far below the belt as you can go and not have it be pornography.  It will continue.  Like I discussed above - people hear nasty shit said on TV - so they repeat it; and like any game of telephone - the story grows in the repeating.  

    It WILL get worse.  

  • Both sides said awful things.  You know - before all this began - I wrote an open letter to Barack Obama - extolling him to run for President.  There were issues that troubled me, sure - and I addressed them in my letter.  I thought them surmountable, however.  It was Obama's primary trip through Georgia that changed my mind.  He said he planned to put Jesus back in the White House (amongst other worrying statements regarding the separation of church and state, gay marriage, abortion, etc.).  Let's just say I was really concerned.  

    That was what moved me away from him and into the Clinton camp, by the way - those speeches he made in Georgia churches.  Funny thing is - every time I'd mention my misgivings - I'd be told I was nuts.  Crazy.  A Republican troll (those right-wing frames you mention).  No way was Obama serious.  He'd just said those things to counter the 'Muslim thing'.  I was fairly pummeled for suggesting that Obama was actually a tad conservative as regards religion, religious beliefs, and politics.  Is he still the best choice for President?  You betcha.  McCain rather frightens me.  I don't believe in the cold, only for the rich America that he sees.  

    So here we are.  Trying to have a substantive conversation about the future of our country.  Addressing important issues that have so far remained thrust under the rug.  I say they have to be discussed.  Sexism, racism - generational anger and distrust - all will cripple us if we leave them to fester.  Look at what happened to some of the Clinton supporters whose anger will not be appeased.  Many have joined in the racism being hurled at Barack and Michelle Obama.  They don't seem to see or hear what they are actually saying.  They don't get that it's as wrong as the misogyny that was hurled at Clinton.  Two wrong do not make a right.  

    Now - I don't know where all this leaves us, my friend.  I must say I am thankful we are able to discuss this at all.  Look at some of the other comment threads attached to this post - full of rancor, airing old and unresolved grievances.  No understanding - no understanding whatsoever.  

  • the heavy comment ratio attached to Louisprandtl's post speaks to this election's polarization.  And yes - the media tales center stage - hitting push-button items again and again.  Look at the genesis of the `Hillary wants Obama dead' meme.  Media Matters fully copped to creating that out of whole cloth.  They pushed and pushed until CNN, MSNBC and the rest lit the torches, gathered the pitchforks and stormed the castle.  Yet it's still repeated as the gospel truth.

    As for how it's all trickled down....I think giving public voice to sexism, racism and ultra violence grants them credence.  Olbermann says Hillary's a racist - so she must be - right?  Limbaugh says Obama's a Muslim - so he is - isn't he?  Our President says it's OK to torture bad people - so who cares if I torture someone I consider bad?  That's an oversimplification, I know - but it delineates my point.  Old tropes are necessarily good ones - but in this case...We have met the enemy - and he is us.  We collectively have allowed all this bullshit to continue.  Are we doing it here?  I'd say no if this thread were truly a discussion.  We're talking (you and I) - but how many others are merely sneering or calling each other names?

  • attached to that hatred - and I'm not just speaking of the Clintons here.  Have you noticed?  Incidents of both misogyny and racism are on the rise.  The same can be said of torture crimes.  President Bush made it OK to do reprehensible things.  I'm not saying he gave people any new ideas - just embraced those ideas as being part of American culture.

    The same can be said of any form of hate.  The complete disrespect shown Hillary Clinton - the never ending sexist commentary - has trickled down (and yes - that applies to racist comments made towards Obama too).  I'm not going to list examples.  Most people reading this can come up with their own I'm sure.  Suffice it to say - I've experienced this on a personal level.  

    So I think Melissa's Guardian article hits the nail on the head.  It's a pity so many commenting here have never bothered to read her blog.  She maintains an Obama racism watch along with a Clinton sexism watch.  She's quite ecumenical in that regard.  Dismissing her or her opinion as `right-wing' is so far off the mark; it would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

  • created and writes for the blog Shakesville (formerly Shakespeare's Sister).  She was one of the two female bloggers hired by John Edwards that was targeted by Bill Donohue of the Catholic League (a right-wing conservative loon).  Her work is top notch.  The article in question is well written and worth a look.  

    By the way - Melissa's blog has recieved numerous awards for excellence - including the 2005 Koufax Award for Best Group Blog.  

    Next time check your facts before dissing someone.

  • What's our government going to do - assign 'truth' squads to make sure those organizations receiving money keep their religious opinions to themselves?  Or will they rely on informants?  Not possible, not feasible - and opening up a vey squirmy can of worms in the process.  I agree that our government should be in the business of helping its citizens.  But there are ways of doing that without relying on religion and/or religious organizations.

    I think this is a way of courting one issue voters - people who'll vote however their pastor or priest tells them.  As such, I think it's wrong.  And its way too redolent of Bush's evangelical approach.  Just look where that got us.  Even David Kuo - Bush's chief religion in government architect has come out decrying this approach as flawed from the get go.  

    No - I say support these kinds of programs through government outlets.  Parsing degrees of separation only speaks to the letter of our Constitution.  We need to stand up for it as a whole.  

  • Either you keep up or you don't.  Age is no longer an impediment when it comes to information or attitude.  I hate it when people excuse racism, calling it generational.  Same thing goes for technology.  My mother who was born in 1909 never learned to drive a car.  Said a horse was better.  That meant during an emergency, she had to wait to be rescued by someone else - she couldn't just drive to the hospital herself.  That almost killed me once as a kid when I had an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin.  

    It's up to us to keep current.  I know I'm not as facile as some - but I do my best.


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