• It just doesn't look that way at this point in time.  And I don't have the same faith you have in the Democratic Party.  They've done precious little to stand by Clinton's right to continue her campaign.  Telling her to dry up and go away strikes me as very Republican, actually.  I hope she continues to fight.

  • Whom do I hate?  You are the one who posted a diary filled with misogynistic commentary directed towards Senator Clinton - to foster unity between Clinton and Obama supporters you implied.  So you yourself pointed the hatred out.  I don't hate anyone, bucko - I just took umbrage at your sophistic fobbing off of Clinton's candidacy.  Saying you'll maybe like the NEXT female presidential candidate was dismissive so I called you on it.  Classifying my commentary as illustrative of the hatred you brought to everyone's attention hints that you may have other motives for posting those vile comments.

    By the way - I hear and read anti-Obama comments everywhere too.  That's why I related my husband's experiences.  Was that hateful too - or just my decrying what's been happening to Senator Clinton and women in general?  

  • The next time, say you?  So let's get rid of the first one and maybe the next will be more palatable?  God!  Women are not decks of cards.  You cannot discard them and start fresh by tapping the table.  If Senator Clinton gets crushed now - your next time won't happen during either of our lifetimes.  And before you get up on your high horse and tell me how it's not that Clinton's a woman - it's that she's (insert derogatory remark here) - I'll bring you back to your own examples.  The hatred out there swarms like flies - and not just against Clinton.  Every female blogger I know has seen an up tick in misogynistic commentary - and not solely over the election either.  It's just become OK to put that hatred in words.  

    It's everywhere.  My husband says he hears more sexual remarks regarding women than ever before.  The men he works with feel comfortable calling fellow workers `bitch' or worse.  My husband is a software engineer for a large telecommunications company.  People always talked politics - but never before made sexist or racist remarks.  Yes - they say terrible things about Obama as well - but the hatred against Clinton spills over to other women.  A man will say something crude about Hillary - then turn and say a similar thing about a co-worker.  My husband says it really pisses him off.  Yes - he calls them on it - but it doesn't stop.  Like I said - suddenly it's OK to dump on women.    

    No - the hits against Clinton are female-centric.  So next time?  Not on your life.  I hope Clinton fights tooth and nail for this nomination - and she has my every support in doing it.  

  • on a comment on DKos Traffic Heading South over 6 years ago

    I finally had to leave (again).  I'll check back after the election to see if anyone worth reading is still there.  Pity, really.  There were some fine writers over at Kos - covering a variety of interesting subjects.  In fact, Kos used to be a clearing house for good writing.  But I stop by here, at Blondsense and My Left Wing.  I miss non-political diaries, though.    

  • I emailed another front pager - someone I've already shared correspondence with.  I pointed out the diary and the comments and asked that the situation be looked into.  No reply.  And no one uprated me.  The only person who commented that it was ratings abuse was someone I blog with over at My Left Wing.

    It's out of control over there.  Frankly - Markos should take charge of his blog - if he disagrees with the behavior.  I would guess he doesn't.  It's a pity.  All he's going to be left with are troll patrollers.  I won't be back till after the election.

  • But I am on an extended vacation.  The last straw for me was getting troll ratings for commenting on a particular diary that it was nice to see something positive about Senator Clinton.  When I emailed Kos admin to complain about the ratings abuse - I was completely ignored.  No one gave a damn - so I left.

    I did this a couple of years back actually.  There were attack groups roaming the diaries, driving off all the good posters.  I'd only recently come back, actually - posting mostly personal, observational diaries.  Then the Hillary hate began, and once again an extended vacation seemed the thing to do.  I'll try back again after the election to see if things have improved.  It's sad, really.  So many wonderful diarists are leaving.  

  • on a comment on Answer The Damn Phone over 6 years ago

    I support Hillary - but I'll vote for Obama if he's the nominee.  The alternative is McCain - and that scares the hell outta me.  As for finances - The hubby and I are in the same financial bind as everyone here.  Balancing the checkbook looks more like a Cirque du Soleil performance every day!  I'm praying whoever ends up president channels Roosevelt.  We need a New Deal after Bush and his Hoovering of America.

    By the way - I think Alegre's a wonderful writer.  I love reading her diaries.  And Xris?  I really wish we could all get along and talk about this (as we are doing here).  We all have more in common with each other than with McCain and his policies.  Why just yesterday he all but said that people losing their houses deserved what they got.  I have a friend who may lose her home - a home I helped provide the down payment for.  She`s a teacher who deserves much better than McCain's bullshit.  We have to work together, my friend.  Our votes may be all that stand against countrywide bankruptcy.

  • History is rife with female misogynists, minority racists and gay homophobes.  Contemporary examples?

    Ann Coulter

    Armstrong Williams

    Rev. Ted Haggard

    Each of the above has made public remarks against their own best interests.  Ann Coulter has called for the repeal of women's voting rights.  Williams constantly belittles and disparages the black community and Reverend Haggard actually ran a summer camp whose criteria featured anti-gay messages.  So there you have it - a woman who hates women, a black man who doesn't like being black and a gay preacher who has publicly stated he thinks all gay people are going to hell.  Gender and color do not automatically confer immunity, you know.  

  • I have noticed an up tick in misogyny of late.  It has me quite disturbed - and woman or not - Ms. Rhodes comment qualifies as such.  This blanket disrespect is on display everywhere.  Dissing women has become an OK thing to do.  Open your ears the next time you walk by a high school or college campus.  You'll hear the work `whore' (or its equivalency) quite a lot - and always as a put-down; an attempt to put the women on the receiving end in their `place' (wherever that is supposed to be).

    But past all that - past the underlying fear and hatred - calling any woman a `whore' is disgusting.  Rhodes should be ashamed of herself.  Those kinds of epithets brand the name-caller a hate-monger pure and simple.  If you disagree with someone - argue the facts of that disagreement.  Schoolyard taunts only emphasize the single digit IQ of the person resorting to them.  I'm glad AA suspended her.  Senator Clinton deserves an on air apology - and I'd say the exact same thing if the comment were made about Michele Obama or Cindy McCain.  Wrong is wrong.

  • She's a Republican:

    Maura Harty was chosen for her current position as the Executive Secretary of the Department of State by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell in May 2001.

    Ambassador Harty entered the Foreign Service in 1981 after receiving a bachelor's degree from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Following an initial assignment to the American Embassy in Mexico City, Ambassador Harty returned to Washington and immediately participated in the United States' rescue mission to Grenada. Ambassador Harty and another State Department officer flew in with international military forces to lead the search for endangered American students and retirees. She later served as a Watch Officer in the State Department's Operations Center and was promoted to Senior Watch Officer during that assignment. In 1987-1988, Harty was a Special Assistant to then Secretary of State George P. Shultz.

    Harty returned overseas in 1988 by volunteering for service at the American Embassy in Bogota, Colombia at the time judged to be among the most dangerous assignments available. As chief of the visa section, she pioneered new ways to identify drug traffickers and to establish legal means to impede their travel, as well as the travel of family members who benefited from the proceeds of narcotics trafficking. Ambassador Harty subsequently served as Consul at the American Embassy in Madrid. During that time she was also drafted to assist in the opening of the American Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Clinton gave her a post where she could no longer 'watch'.
    (Via The Democratic Underground)

    Unlike Bush and his Republican predecessors - President Clinton didn't automatically fire everyone when he took office.  He kept the old-timers around and made use of their expertise.  Harty was one of those.  Does that register - or are you only interested in smearing Clinton and way possible?

    This is ridiculous.  

  • I really hope he apologizes tonight.  Conclusion-jumping seems to have become a national sport.  And I am really disappointed in Olbermann of late.  He brings on guests who make misogynistic statements - and all he does is smile and agree!  Wait till the accusation (whatever it might be) has merit - then report on it.  This Hillary hate has gone way too far (as has the Obama bashing).  Neither one is savior or devil.  People need to focus on reality for a while.  Look at the financial markets if you want a few nightmares.  We are all headed for one hell of a fall!

  • on a comment on Passportgate has LEGS over 6 years ago

    I don't remember what all it covers - but would a Freedom of Information Act request force them to pony up a copy of anyone's file?  I got a peek at my FBI file that-a-way.  Frankly - I was shocked that I had one - but it seems everyone who went to college had one.  And I used to belong to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronists).  Back in the 70's they were on the FBI's watch list.  I guess the government thought they needed to fear people running around the countryside with broadswords.  I'd also befriended some `campus radicals' while in college (ooooh!).  Back then (as now, I'm guessing) the FBI just didn't have any sense of humor they were aware of.

    Anyway - has the Freedom of Information Act been altered in any way by BushCo?  If not - then doesn't any government agency have to provide personal records upon request?  Even passport records?  

  • comment on a post Obama: changing my mind, opening my eyes over 6 years ago

    so I wanted to take the opportunity to second your attaboy.  I too think it was a very nice, thoughtful diary.  When I clicked on this - I was hoping for a good discussion.  You know - beginning to talk about those points in Senator Obama's diary that really made sense.  I have to say, I still support Senator Clinton's nomination (for a myriad of reasons) - but I think Senator Obama touched on some very salient points - especially regarding how most every-day Americans view the subject.  In fact - I would say this was where the Senator was the most successful - his pinpointing how both sides of his heritage look at race.  It merits discussion - not diatribes.  So my thanks to the diarist as well.  Even if the discussion did get off-line - you opened up the door to discussing Obama's speech on its merits.  That's a very good thing.  

  • comment on a post Sometimes I Miss My Mother over 6 years ago

    As I said in my diary - I am not my family.  My choices in life have been very different than those of my parents.  And yes - they too were abused as children - my mother especially.  My father ran away to sea when he finished elementary school.  I don't buy that as an excuse, though.  I made different choices.  My parents were exceptionally intelligent, independent human beings.  My father chose to drink; my mother chose to torture her children.  I pity the children they were; but we are all responsible for our choices in life.  My mother was almost 50 when I was born - my father almost 60.  I am now in my fifth decade - and I tell ya - I have never, ever harmed any living creature in my entire life.  

    It stops with me.

  • on a comment on Sometimes I Miss My Mother over 6 years ago

    We all do create our own families in our own ways.  I believe a family is a group of people bound together by love.


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