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    He made it out by walking all the way to New Jersey.  He said he just couldn't seem to make himself stop.  After - he dropped all his old friends, moved halfway across the country.  I guess he didn't want anything that reminded him.

    Beautiful remembrance, Linfar.    

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    You sound like a Republican zealot.  Take off the blue blinders and think.  Bashing Hillary (or me) won't help get Obama elected.  If that's all it's about for you - then anything I've had to say (or could say) will fall on deaf ears.  Defeating Sarah Palin should be what's more important here.  

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    But remember - it's not what you or I think is egregious - it's what certain independent voters label as over the top.  From another point of view - her family problems look like a lot of other people's family problems.  It makes her look more like them - and that's the part of her appeal that may escape some people.  Take my neighbors, for instance: one family's dealing with two drug addicted sons, one of whom was enough of a fuck-up that he got booted from the Navy before even being deployed.  Another's going through a nasty divorce resulting in the pampered child from hell (nasty little git's gonna be in jail someday, I'm sure).

    Then there's the perpetually pixilated old lady down the road, and the rednecks who get liquored up and shoot off their guns from the back porch every weekend.  These people all vote, believe it or not - and they usually vote Republican.  Oh yes - Palin's gong over gangbusters down here.  Those family problems only make her more attractive - not less.  I do not understand it - but there you are.  What would she have to do to turn them off?  Something that comes across as anti-family or un-American in my opinion.  Were she caught cheating on her husband, say - or burning the flag.  That would stop her chances here in redneck country right quick.  Barring that - I'd say she's a hit.

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    But I still say Palin needs to be taken seriously.  Underestimating her would be a huge mistake.  Obama and Biden have to design a strategy and go after her - on policy.  I only hope their surrogates don't think the Clinton line of attack will work here.  She's not Hillary, she won't remind people OF Hillary - so they have to attack Palin on HER grounds.  It aint gonna be easy.  As much as everyone here or at Kos say she's annoying and no one will like her - I disagree.  I fear that's exactly what WILL appeal to people.  She comes across as someone willing to get their hands dirty to get the job done (whatever that job may be).  True or not (useful or not) - that working class image is what Palin projects.  Lots of people will respond to that - positively.  I don't have specific advice for them - but Obama and Biden MUST fight her on those grounds.  Ignoring or belittling the woman will only come across as bullying.

    I'm actually rather worried.

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    Exactly like her.  That's why we don't have political discussions.  I'm an anomaly down here.  Everybody's Republican and consider themselves 'rednecks'.  Funnily enough - when I lived in a suburb of Chicago - my neighbors there sounded exactly the same - redneck and Republican.

    I think Palin's gonna really appeal to a certain section of mainstream America.  Her addition to the ballot has really hyped it up down here in Georgia.  The people not already committed to Barr are now on board with McCain.  I've said this woman was a threat from day one.  We can beat her (if we stay on message) - but it won't be a walk in the park like some seem to think.

    And I auditioned for Springer's show back when I was a working actor.  I liked the man.  For all the show was an orchestrated three ring circus - he was a classy act.

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    And we ignore that salient fact at our peril.  Don't view Palin through blue tinted glasses - because underestimating her would be a grave mistake.  Far too many Progressive bloggers have been dismissing Palin, calling her the `Yukon Barbie'.  It just won't wash, folks.  Kerry dismissed the swiftboaters as beneath his contempt - and look where that got him.  Palin has one hell of an appeal - and to more than just the Jerry Springer crowd.  She sounds like anybody's neighbor - but a neighbor who can make clear points and debate them.  Mainstream America gonna just eat this up. Go ahead - ask your neighbors if they heard her speak - and if they did - did she appeal to them?  I'm betting she goes over better than anyone thinks.  The woman has an 85% approval rating in Alaska.  That's gonna translate.  People find her likeable.  What we have to do is convince them she's not right for the job.

    To do that, we really have to get beyond the school-yard taunting.  Palin is a real-time danger.  And I agree with Jerome - she will indeed be the 2012 Republican nominee (barring something monumentally stupid on her part).  But then, I think she may have `Bubba' appeal (a la Bill Clinton) - the ability to shake off scandal like droplets of water.  So we need to try and take her out now - diminish her appeal.  Hammer Palin on how out of step with mainstream America she really is.  Point out the differences between her stated opinions and everything Obama and Biden stand for.  But do not dismiss this woman out of hand.  And above all (for the love of God!) - do not attack her gender or her family.  It will turn people off and make Democrats look like misogynistic bullies.  

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    I really don't comment much any more....but I had to take note of this.  Go look at HuffPost.  The sexism's so thick over there you could spread it like jam.  I thought about commenting - but where?  There have to be fully one dozen separate threads all addressing Palin's resume in as offensive a manner as possible.  And it's not just the blogs.  The MSM's calling her the Alaska 'Barbie'.  

    All I can do is shake my head in disgust.

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    But I wanted to say congratulations.  You are an asset to our country.  I wish you well in your new job.  

    Take care.

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    You throw 'baby boomer' out as some kind of epithet - as though I should be ashamed of my age.  As though age had something to do with Tony Snow's perceived 'evil'.    

    By the way - technically speaking, I'm not really a boomer - and neither was Snow.  Snow, Senator Obama and I share 'post boomer' status - the so-called 'Jones Generation'.  

    If you're going to try and insult someone - do try and get it right.

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    But I disagree.  The premature loss of anyone so young should give us all pause.  So please don't dismiss Tony Snow's death out of hand.  Where there's life, there's always hope for an epiphany.  People can and do change.  Look at John Dean.  He believed in Nixon - in Nixon's whole conservative agenda.  Then, when confronted with Nixon's perfidy (an incontrovertible truth) - he stood up and said no way.  He changed course - did a 180 - testified to Congress.  

    Now - maybe Snow never would have done any of those things.  And what you said about his actions was true; but there was always that chance for change (albeit a small one) whilst he lived.  It might only be a tinker's damn in hell - but I've always believed in that tinker.

  • My comment was meant to be illustrative.  Your blind put down speaks to your own fears.  Criticism = traitorous thinking in your book (same book the Bush White House reads, by the way).  Try getting past linear think-lines.  There's more than one way to look at anything, you know (or perhaps you don't).  

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    It's a good point to raise.  And knee-jerk 'blame Hillary Supporters' is as disgruntled a reaction as saying the opposite.

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    It's going to get bumpy between now and November!

    Great diary CG.  Makes you wonder.  You know - I heard today that Limbaugh finagled a contract worth 400 million.  He must be reaching a whole lot of people to be worth that much money.  Getting his followers to spam Obama blogs sounds right up his alley.

  • All of it was bad.  I kinda stopped posting here as well at its height.  I want to discuss politics - not wallow in the pejorative gutter.  What ever happened to people referring to their opponent as 'my esteemed colleague'?


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