The Bumfuzzel Brigade

I just heard Andrea Mitchell say, in essence, that the roots of the whole Italian forged document Niger/nuclear connection can be directly traced to one of the shadowy Iran /Contra figures of administrations past.  This `Italian government official' not only provided the document, but vouched for its authenticity, despite the obvious third-grade, hand drawn attempts at replicating Niger's official seal.  Uh-huh.  That means the entire 'we be war and other shit' cabal relied on someone connected to a FAILED and ILLEGAL policy to promote another FAILED and ILLEGAL policy.  Talk about your confederacy of dunces!
On top of that - one of the arm-chair desk-jockey pseudo-intellectual hacks (hooked into Bushco like the hagfish that he is), displayed the kind of rampant stupidity one would normally only expect only from elected officials - lying through his teeth, and presuming to get away with it.  Stupid.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  But then, aren't they all?  Hubris can, in its own way serve as a drug - lifting the addict higher and higher, until a combination of hypoxia and gravity inevitably take over.  By-by Scooter Libby.

On the face of it - you would think that it's over - one of the lieutenants dutifully fell on the proffered sword; his spilled blood ostensibly obscuring the complicity of those higher up the food chain.  Not so fast, Nelly.  Old Scooter there may have embraced the blade with a little too much enthusiasm.  He may have succeeded in temporarily throwing dust in the eyes of his pursuers, but our bumfuzzel brigade stayed listening at the keyhole a little too long.  The ground is covered with footprints, and those bloody tracks lead right back to Mr. Tin Pot himself - and I'm not referring to his assassin Humpty Dumpty.

At some point, Paddy Fitz, the torpedo from Chicago, will zero in on that failed Italian art student turned Bond wannabe - then Bob's your uncle!  Down will come baby, cradle and all - and all the tears and finger pointing in the world won't make one whit of difference -   and this time there will be no junior officers to shoulder the blame.  Something's rotten in the state of Denmark - and it will take a whole lot more than Houdini fast sleight-of-hand to misdirect this one!  Giddy-up Mr. Prosecutor - let's all plan on attending Taste of Chicago, shall we?        

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