Crises of Leadership

You all want an idea on how to stop the war?  Ladies and gentlemen - I give you Lysistrata, by Aristophanes.  Of course, in addition to refusing sexual favors, the women had the good sense to take possession of the national treasury.  So you see, they got them both coming and going, as it were - no nookie, no money - what's a guy to do?
Not that I think that tactic would work in this day and age - not necessarily.  Too may outside factors - (they're called hookers).  But in the larger sense - think what could be accomplished if a majority of this country became the loyal opposition. It is possible, you know.  We did it over Vietnam, Civil Rights - but this takes leadership, folks - leadership and good ideas.  You all do remember good ideas?  Had a few yourselves, right?  Hell - I come across at least a dozen a day!  But without some kind of catalyst - a leader who will tie all these ideas together into a cohesive plan - we might as well all go home and play jacks.  No one has stepped forward to fill the vacuum left by Bush and his ever-widening circle of conspirators.  

Where are the Democrats in all of this?  Yeah, ol' `Give `em hell Harry' stood up in Congress and shut the place down for a spell.  Not bad - but not enough.  Not nearly.  I mean - it's about time somebody rose up to some sort of challenge - though so far all I'm seeing is a little criticism, and gnashing of teeth.  Not a one of `em has taken a deep breath and made the St. Crispin's Day speech.  And we desperately need that now!  This country has lost heart.  Where is a Roosevelt to rally behind?  Who will exhort us to reach down into the core of what makes us American?  Words have significance well beyond their temporary meaning.  They become touchstones that comfort, hearten, inspire.  Not to become maudlin over this, but if you haven't recently, read the Declaration of Independence.  You will see why Jefferson sweat blood over every word.  He was not only defining the philosophy of a nation, the man was calling us to arms!  

It has been suggested in some European papers that America is crumbling along the lines of the old Soviet Union.  In my opinion, that's more France's gig at the moment; but should we get hit with another huge disaster, (natural or man-made), they might not be far wrong.  Before that happens, before some child who has no concept of what life is or has to offer blows himself up along with thousands of our fellow citizens, someone has to begin to lead.  

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Do you all think the Democrats are doing enough?
by The Fat Lady Sings 2005-11-10 09:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Leadership
In general, the Dems are doing squat. I still don't know why so many of them really thought "W" could handle any kind of a war. They must be on drugs. I have two Senators (like many do), and one (Kerry) thought Bush could handle a concept like war. He has a petition up on his website right now for "20,000 home over the holidays." Lots of luck. My other Senator (Kennedy) knew that it was stupid to just invade Iraq, and voted against the "force resolution." My Rep. (Ritchie Neal)("the watchdog
on Ireland") to everyones astonisment, voted against the "force rsolution." I watched Neal in a lengthy TV interview once, and he turns out to be a lot smarter than he looks in still photos. Extremely smart. Interesting.
by blues 2005-11-10 08:47PM | 0 recs


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