"Now You Won't Be Joining a Union Now, Will You?"

 The debate over measures to fix America’s broken labor laws took a back seat during the long debate on health care.  Now that the focus has shifted to efforts to stimulate economic growth and job creation, it’s time to put workers’ rights front and center.



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce along with right-wing noise groups with shady sources of funding put out numerous talking points and videos painting unions as the problem as citing union intimidation as the biggest threat to the rights of working people to decide whether to unionize or not.  They even went so far as to hire an actor from The Sopranos.

The idea that unions are the problem flies so greatly in the the face of the reality experienced by countless workers who have been involved in organizing campaigns, that a lie that big can’t be allowed to stand unchallenged.  But rather than earnest position papers and counterpoints, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers thought it was time to push back with a video version of how corporations really view workplace democracy.



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RE: "Now You Won't Be Joining a Union Now, Will You?"

If you need an argument for unionized labor, just look at the coal mine situation in West Virginia.  The workers who weren't allowed to unionize in the Massey mines were subject to poor working conditions.  Union mines have significantly less problems and operate much more safely than non-union mines.  People like Don Blankenship are the puppetmaster, whereas in a union mine the worker is given a voice.

by Chuckie Corra 2010-04-26 08:46AM | 0 recs


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