How To Win The 2006 Elections in 3 Easy Steps!

We must construct a media narrative that fits with people's "conventional wisdom" and plays on their gut truths in order to win in 2006.

So let's get to the point.  Here are the three narrative steps to Democratic victory in '06:

  1. Republicans control all branches of government.
  2. Government is broken.
  3. Democrats will fix it.
If we can get voters to accept those three basic truths, there is no reason that 2006 won't be for Democrats what 2004 was for Republicans.  Simple enough?

Our goal as a movement should be that every single American believes in this narrative and follows it to its logical conclusion: elect Democrats.

Now let's get more specific:

1. Republican control all branches of government.
Chris Bowers at MyDD has blogged brilliantly about this.  46% thought Dems controlled the House in '04.
Bottom Line:

"whoever the electorate thought was in charge of the House of Representatives tended to lose seats in the House of Representatives... As long as voters both disapprove of the way congress is doing its job and do not know that Republicans have control of congress, we are never going to retake control back."
Plan of Action:
  • Demand Democratic surrogates and media outlets refer to "the Republican Congress" as supposed to "the Congress"
2. Government is Broken
Pretty self-explanatory.  Most of the nation already believes this:

Right Track 35%
Wrong Track 62% Source

Approve 35%
Disapprove 61% Source

Plan of Action:

  • One idea to further exacerbate that gap as well as continue to hammer home that Republicans are in control is to pass Articles of Impeachment in a state legislature and attempt to make Republicans deal with it at a National level.  Discussions on how to do this are currently ongoing.  The current plan seems to be calling for Cheney's impeachment in the Rhode Island legislature.  If you are interested in the effort, please send your contact information to theDemIM -at- gmail -dot- com or leave it in the comments.
3. Democrats will fix it.
I don't think we need to really get into this until later in the campaign.  As of now, I think running a campaign on "justice" and "government that works" will be fruitful.  Highlighting the efforts of our Fighting Dems will also be crucial.

So how do we as bloggers spread these messages and confirm that our narrative becomes conventional wisdom?

Previously, I've suggested this battleplan for the blogosphere:

  1. Organize the Blogosphere
    • Create a central directory for all of the major blogs
    • Split blogs into specialized categories and sub-categories by specialty
      1. Framing - develop our narrative and language (TheDemIM, DemSpeak, Rockridge...)
      2. Media Watchers - hold media accountable (Media Matters, Crooks & Liars...)
      3. Daily Digests - regularly comment on current events (DailyKos, Atrios...)
      4. Electoral Strategy - report electoral opportunities (MyDD, OurCongress...)
      5. Grassroots Activism - petition, protest, get out the vote (MoveOn, America Votes...)
      6. Local Blogs - district-by-district, seat-by-seat local accounts of important races and issues (LeftyBlogs)
  3. Develop a Message on Why Their Bad and Why We're Better
    • Develop a language/narrative that speaks to our values and our voters (Framing)
  5. Hold the Media Accountable to our Message
    • Repeat our narrative and language in context (Daily Digests) and demand media do the same (Media Watchers)
  7. Hammer the Republicans on What They Do Wrong
    • Use the system to make Republican re-election untenable
  9. Introduce Our Own Plan
  • Introduce our own "Contract with America" type document in the weeks leading up to the election that sets out our values and specific policies
  • Get Boots on The Ground
    • Use activists/volunteers from netroots, meetups, DNC, etc. to get votes one-by-one
  • Win
  • Let's get to work.
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    Re: How To Win The 2006 Elections in 3 Easy Steps!

    We must emphasize in no uncertain terms that Republicans are the crooks.  Republicans have been working hard with some success at painting Democrats as the crooks.  A state by state comment follows.  I am not sure whether "pay-to-play" was a phrase invented by the Republicans but it is all over their campaigns.

    NJ:  Living in NJ I would like to hear a whole lot less about George Norcross and a whole lot more about open Republican corruption in Essex County (Jim Treffinger), Monmouth County, and Morris County.  The Morris story hasn't come out yet but top Republicans are tied way too closely to builders and developers (Spiro Agnew, hint, hint).  Of course you can throw in Acting Gov Donald DeFrancesco and the long-term DMV scandals when it was privatized.

    IL:  Judy Barr Topinka is having great success running for Gov against Rod Blagojevich.  Wait one second,  Blago's predecessor is the one currently on trial.  

    CA:  It was Pete Wilson's energy deregulation plan that led to Enron price gouging and the tripling of electricity prices.  Why did Gray Davis take the plunge?  Because he played it too smart as a politician and never got people to blame Wilson and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Oh, yeah, the Wilson staff is back running things under Ahnuld.  Can't you tell.  Two generations of corruption here plus Duke Cunningham and the looting of San Diego.  Who is the culture of corruption?

    NC:  The local papers around the state (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte)have bought the Republican line that state House Speaker Jim Black is the mother of all corruption.  Sure.  Who wrecked FEMA for fun and profit?  And this is gonna lead to annual increases in flood control insurance of 25% for the next six years(  Plus the $8 billion lost in Iraq.  A few checks friom ortometrists are not the motherland that the papers want to make it.

    PA:  Ed Rendell is getting heat here.  Didn't Tom Ridge bring in the fox to guard the FEMA?Homeland Security chicken coop?  

    Ohio:  Sherrod Brown will get the heat that deWine should feel.  Fortunately, Blackwell and Petro are doing an excellent job hurling charges of fraud, bribery, and incompetence at each other and Ted Strickland is opening up a lead in the Governor;s race.

    by David Kowalski 2006-02-21 06:04AM | 0 recs
    Re: How To Win The 2006 Elections in 3 Easy Steps!

    I think this ties in neatly into Warner's slogan that "competence matters."  

    Dem candidate, "Republicans think government can do no good, so raid the cookie jar for their friends-- the oil companies, the drug companies, the HMOs, etc. --and take from their enemies-- the working class, the disabled, the students, minorities."  "Corruption, my friends, is the direct result of this contempt for the federal government."  "Democrats beleive that government can be a force for good, without interfering in your personal lives, without robing peter to pay paul, with spin sloganeering."  

    "For 8 years, the economy boomed, the middle class was better off, and we were respected around the world...And then George W. Bush and his Republican friends in  Congress got in charge. Now the economy is limping along, the middle class is shouldering the majority of taxes, and we are hated around the world."

    "America, put the grown-ups in charge.  Let those who know how to make things work be at the helm and rid Washington DC of the culture of corruption that is destroying all the good things that government can do."

    by DaveB 2006-02-21 06:23AM | 0 recs
    Re: How To Win The 2006 Elections in 3 Easy Steps!

    Over the last 50 years, the Democratic economies were 16 years of boom (JFK-LBJ, Clinton) plus four years of Jimmy Carter.  Every Republican Administration had a recession and despite the way that the Republicans monkeyed with statistics, a lower growth rate and higher unemployment.

    They don't know how to run the government or the economy.  They do know how to run campaigns and plan sleazy ads.

    by David Kowalski 2006-02-21 07:07AM | 0 recs


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