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    The choice of Biden is one of the few mistakes made by the Obama campaign, but it was a big one, in my opinion.  Biden is a blowbag and an egomaniac--check out his autobiography sometime--I dare you to read the whole thing.

    Experienced, yes, but he is just not that bright compared to Sebelius, Kaine, Webb, etc., and never mind HRC. He cannot keep his mouth shut and he is an attention grabbing whore.

    I am positive that as Obama sees more Joe up close that Joe will be one of the LEAST involved VPs of the last fifty years.  -

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    Does Meek really have a chance to win this race?

  • Yes, and it remains a PROBLEM. Oligarchy is not compatible with democracy.  But with a federally funded campaign we wouldn't hear the argument that Caroline Kennedy should be appointed because she'll be able to raise the funds for an election in 2010.  Much the same applies to the Carnahan boomlet.

  • It's IMPERIALISM, folks.  Naked imperialism and an embarrassment.  Of course the base should be closed and returned to Cuba.  The idea that WE need it to protect the canal is ludicrous.  And we have no right to expect anything from the Castro government after waging a fifty year war against Cuba (and a trade embargo is an act of war) and attempts to assassinate Castro!  The entire history of U.S. policy toward Cuba in the last century is a disgrace.

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    Rahm Emanuel is a vindictive jerk.  This is not a news flash.  The fact that Obama chose him as chief of staff is very disturbing.

    And the Wes Clark diss is equally disturbing.

    And yes, the Obama administration is pretty much what would have been in place if Hillary had been elected president.  There is no significant difference.

  • WE seem to constantly return to the question of why senators don't trake morte progressive stances, why they were so easy on Bush, why the Dems rolled over.  It's because it's hard to turn on someone in your own club.

    Damn right it matters that Kay Hagen is Lawton Chiles niece.  It's about networking and fundrtaising.  We need more Jon Testers and fewer people who are too familiar with the etiquette of the country club.

    And don't stop with the Udalls and Begich.  The Democratic caucus in the senate has about fifteen dynasty pols--and about 20-25 in the House.  It is a major problem but reflects a larger problem--the lack of a federally-funded campaign program makes more inbredding inevitable.

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    This is getting ridiculous.  Robin Carnahan as a front-runner helps answer the question of whether Mr. Smith can still get to Washington.

    I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about Kay Hagen upending Liddy Dole until I learned that Hagen is the niece of former FL governor Lawton Chiles.  I like Hagen and Robin Carnahan but can't we support candidates who aren't born into the oligarchy?

  • And I'd say having one black senator out of 100 is a very worthy consideration.  

    Today Harry Reid described Burris as "engaging and a nice man" after a 30 minute meeting and that "he presents himself well."

    He presents himself well?  Well, Vox, I can assure you that there are a lot of black folks who heard that as damning with faint praise a man who was attorney general AND controller of Illinois.  Reid treated the meeting as a job interview (Michelle Norris's expression on NPR, not mine, but then again she is half black and possibly biased?  and a former student of mine).

    Worse...Durbin had to say that Burris acknowledged at the beginning of the meeting that her knew their resistance to his entering the senate had "nothing to do with my race."  Why did Durbin have to say that?  Well, yesterday he was turned away from the Senate by the segeant-at-arms without even meeting with Reid.  Wouold this have happened to Jan Schakowsky or Lisa Madigan?  I doubt it.  Again, a former attorney-general appointed to the senate by the governor of his state--the way it's supposed to happen.

    Have you done the research yet on the Panthers?  I suggest reading about the death of Fred Hampton--in Chicago.

    Yes, I didn't like the electronic lynching quote either, or the comparison to Bull Connor but  

  • Is that what you hear when Rush says there should be at least ONE African-American in the Senate?

    Hmmn.  I'd say your problem isn't sensitivity to anti-white racism--I'd say it's the old-fashioned straight up racism.

    And you apparently know squat about the Panthers.  See, they were the ones getting shot by the cops, not so much the other way around.  

    Vox populi?  Uh, no.

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    I thought from the beginning that mario Cuomo was the best choice.  If anyone "deserves" it, he does.  He would be an immediate impact player and serve a caretaker status--unless he decided to go for a full term.  If Lautenberg can win at his age, so could Mario.

  • what, exactly, is an anti-white racist?  There's a reason so many in the black community supported the Panthers and why people in his district keep electing Rush.  In the case of his district he represents vox populi.  You might try taking that history more seriously.

  • Frankly, I'm not that impressed by the intellectual depth of your response--and the intensity of your ad hominem against her is a wee bit over the top, in my opinion.

    She is right about hidden comments.  It's a very disturbing practice.  I don't blame her at all for refusing to comment when she knows some of her comments and points may be hidden.

    And the menu bit?  Too precious and self-righteous from the jump but now also old and corny.

  • I think laurel wreaths signify victory, not piety (it's not piousness), but whatever.  You don't offer much of a counter-argument.  

  • Really?  You don't think the people should express an opinion about who serves in the U.S. senate?  Really?
    Do you think that Gov. Patterson should be oblivious to public sentiment regarding such an appointment?

    How do you feel about returning the election of senators to state legislatures and eliminating any involvement of the hoi polloi?  

    And this remarkable comment is made on a site dedicated to Direct Democracy.


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    She'll choose someone to do THE INTERVIEW and I just hope Katie is more deferential, I mean nice, this time.    


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