• How to stay focused on the key points!  And I'm not being sarcastic, not at all.

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    Harshbarger to Reilly to Coakley--and all of them involved in the prosecution or cover-up of atrocious wrongdoing in the Fells Acres case--and the politically motivated prosecution of Eddie McCormack as well.

    Coakley's refusal to speak he truth about that case is disqualifying, in my opinion, and indicative of her willingness to go along to get along.

    Specific enough for you?

  • progressive political forces need no enemies.

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    Coakley is a careerist and opportunist, and by NO MEANS the progressive candidate in the race.  That would be Mike Capuano, wjo has eight years experience in Congress and years before that as mayor of a tough city to govern, Somerville.

    To say that Coakley is the most experienced is ridiculous and to say the most incorruptible is an absolute insult to the other candidates.
    But I guess if you think it's just "time for a woman" then accuracy and fair play aren't important.

  • That's why!  They want to spread misinformation and confusion to make health care reform Obama's Waterloo.  If a heckler gets a positive response in order to clarift, then it communicates that:

    1. critics are right--the bill isn't ready and the Dems have rushed things.

    2. There is a problem regardng illegls and health coverage--we'd be better off doing nothing.

    3. illegals are a huge problem and only Joe Wilson and the GOP have the foresight and balls to be on guard against the giveaways to these bastards.

    4. Obama WAS lying.


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    I'd expect Harkin to keep the Ag chair.  Harkin not having the stomach for farm bill politics is ridiculous.  If he takes the HELP Chair, it's a pull, not a push.  He's a great friend of labor and has already done a lot on health issues, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

    If Harkin keeps the Ag chair, I doubt Tim Johnson's health would allow him to take HELP chair.  Barbara Mikulski in next in line and would probably be chair.  That wouldn't be such a bad outcome.  

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    Jim McGovern is the best candidate for the senate.  He's an intelligent, hard-working Progressive.  He doesn't have the campaign accounts of Capuano and Meehan but I think money will matter less here than turning out the Progressive base, those who are most likely to vote in a special election.  

  • You seem to be saying that it's better not to be inflexible AND to make the case that the house is worth the price...So by analogy Obama should make the case for his best bill but state that he's flexible if his audience doesn't agree with his argument.  

    Similarly, if indicating flexibility now, he could get the sixty  votes needed for cloture and then in conference let the House leaders push for the public option and then go for the fifty votes necessary to pass a public option as the only way to get a bill that's agreeable to the House.


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    I think Romney/Pawlenty is more likely, unless Obama decides to grow a pair.

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    I can't think of a single reason to vote for Coakley.  But I can think of reasons not to, including her continued silence on the witch-hunt prosecution of the owners of a day-care center who were convicted of horrendous sex crimes and sentence to long prison terms.  

    In Massachusetts, the largest county, Middlesex, has a district attorney's office that has provided the state's last three attorney generals and thus a platform to seek even higher office.  Scott Harshbarger rode this incredibly bogus case from Middlesex DA to Attorney General and then the Dem nomination for governor.  His successor also became AG and ran for governor.  Martha Coakley has continued to claim that this highly publicized case was handled appropriately by her predecessors and political patrons.  It's a profile in bullshit.

    Joe Kennedy can be a jerk at times but he is exactly the kind of fighting Democrat we need to provide some spark to the spineless Dem caucus in the senate--not some careerist "go along to get along" hack like Coakley.

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    The problem with electing a president with four years of experience on the national stage is that he has to rely on others with more knowledge of the game and he doesn't know many from which to choose.  Obama chose Rahm, Joe Biden and Tom Daschle.  "Safe" choices for someone who didn't have enough insider experience, but man, they were disastrous choices.   And just when he most needed Ted Kennedy to balance that out, Ted was unavailable.

    Obama needs QUICKLY to learn from Dems in Congress who are able to tell him to stop kissing up to Republicans who want him to fail.  Spine transplants.  Any suggestions?

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    Kudos to the Obama administration, including SOS Clinton, and to Bill Clinton.  Strategic brilliance and a nice job of getting egos out of the way.

  • "Being a Jesuit?"  You're an ex-Jesuit, Joe, unless my attending a Jesuit high school and university makes me a Jesuit.



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