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    Ya gotta let it go, man.

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    Anyone who's read Almanac of American Politics knows that Barone is a completely biased Republican flack.  Even in a book that's supposed to be "just the facts" his bias is in every page.  It's APRIL, people, not October.  The passage of health insurance reform was an important victory.  The economy is starting to recover--in large part because of the imperfect, but necessary bailout.  The dynamic will be shifting in Dems favor over the summer.  Let's work for Dem victories instead of playing Chicken Little.



  • Well done--and maybe a sign of my political paranoia as well as gullibility.

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    Matt Dunne is a fine candidate but there are others, including Peter Shumlin and Deb Markowitz, who are also strong candidates in this primary.  I think it's irresponsible to split hairs about the progressive choice in a primary with several progressive candidates when there are so many races with clearcut choices, particulary in regard to general elections.  We should stay out of the primary here and support the winner of the primary when he or she runs against Brian Dubie in November.

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    I'm really not interested in your personal antipathies but if you want to indulge them on this site and string together adjectives of invective, maybe you should back them up with some details regarding his administration.

    What is happening to this site?


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    She knew these esteemed colleagues were hyper-partisan and irresponsible.  It's why I voted for her in the primary.  She's tough and knows a fight when she sees one.

    A community organizer should also know about fighting.  Community organizing isn't just about building bridges; it's about identifying objectives and opponents, and mobilizing forces to overcome opponents, sometimes by just plain beating them.


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    we should be fighting to win this race.  I see no call here to do everyhting to get out our vote.  And the criticisms of Obama for abandoning the liberals, etc. is just such bullshit.  It should be simple enough to keep this straight: the opposition is the Republicans.  Get it?  They have obstructed every effort to get effective health care reform.  They have been aided by Blue Dog Democrats.  This is not Obama's fault.

    There is a lot to like in the health care bill that will emerge.  You will not get your pony; neither will I.  The WORST thing we can do is start taking shots at Democrats instead of recognizing that this will only fulfill Jim Demint's pla to make health care reform Obama's Waterloo.



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    So, it's a good thing to filibuster to prevent a vote on a Supreme Court nominee but outrageous to do so to stop a vote on health care reform? Makes no sense. I opposed Alito and support HCR but this double standard is something we really need to address.
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    Yeah, the obsession with bipartisanship may wane after this.  That's a good thing as the kumbaya/work together approach ignored the recent history of the Republican Party.  That kind of naivete doesn't serve us well.

    It's a victory of sorts for Obama and God knows, that was the focus of the White House in all of this.  I can't really blame them.  Failure to get something passed would have been very damaging.  I do think the final package will be better than nothing but this is really a great victory for the insurance companies.  Hey, that's how capitalist societies operate.  

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    but you might want to pay a little more attention to the full Lemos package.  I'm just sayin'

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    Charlie, I don't think you're fooling too many people in that regard and I, for one, am not the least bit surprised to see you promoting Gary Johnson.  Annoyed that you've been allowed to hijack this site, but not surprised.  

  • If you use language like "betrayal," you are helping to create dissension on the left and encouraging people to quit on the Democrats, as many on this blog are threatening to do.  That is absolutely a dream come true for Republicans like Jim Demint who threatened Obama's "Waterloo" over healthcare.    

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    How about we all stay focused on who REALLY is to blame for obstructing meaningful health care reform.  That would be the Republicans in Congress and the insurance companies and their lobbyists.  

    When we start blaming people who are basically with us we are doing the work of those who STATED PUBLICLY that they wanted the health care reform effort to be Obama's Waterloo.

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    Those who want to leave the Democratic Party because of Republican successes in obstructing health care reform are giving the Republicans just what they wanted and threatened: Obama's Waterloo.  How foolish!

    I'm not happy with Obama's failure to lead on this issue.  He should have made it his plan and gone to the people to educate and advocate.  Instead of leading, he got out of the way.  His desire for bipartisanship was/is remarkably naive.  But I'm not surprised by this.  His call for bipartisanship in the face of a rancid Republican caucus was the reason I didn't vote for him in the primary.  He was not experienced enough to recognize an unpalatable reality.

    But the real problem is the Republican caucus and the lobbyists, the political vulnerabilities of swing state Democrats, and Joe Lieberman's narcissism.  Obama and the Dems aren't responsible for that.  Even stripping Lieberman of his committee chair (which, of course, should have happened and the failure to do so showed terrible weakness) wouldn't have helped with HCR.  We need to keep the blame where it belongs and educate people about the corrupt obstructionism of the Republicans.

    Hostility towards those closer to us is a great temptation, but disappointment and petulance should not take the place of political analysis and commitment.


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