Global Warming? How about Campaign Finance?

Matt Stoller mentioned here that our $300,000 this quarter is impressive enough to make folks in DC wonder what it is exactly that we want here in the netroots.  He mentioned that he's considering beginning to write regularly on Global Warming as a way of communicating to DC that this is something we care about.

I got to thinking about what political actions the netroots would really like to see; what political problems have really driven us into enraged activism.  We're here and angry and opening our wallets; what is it we want?

I think we want a government that works again, a political process that works, one that can solve problems like Global Warming.  This is what Dean meant by "we want our country back." If what we want is a real, functioning government, the kind Jon Stewart wouldn't make fun of all the time, then I think it's not global warming we need to solve first; it's a bunch of political process reforms like campaign finance and earmarks and other actions that take government away from contributors and contractors, and give it back to voters and constituents.

My comment on Matt Stoller's thread is on the other side of the fold:

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