• how can you have a better solution than no solution at all?  Did you miss the part where this was old news?  We have know about these minerals for a long time and they weren't a solution years ago so why are they now?

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    it's funny that you can type while holding your fingers in your ears and singing "la la la" with your eyes closed.

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    If by good campaign staff you mean corrupt cheaters and sleazeballs, then I agree.  But you do not rig a primary by simply good campaigning.  Obama's staff got people's private divorce records leaked, you don't get much creepier than that unless it is calling everyone racist, disenfranchising voters and steeling delegates with the help of the DNC.


    Obama's biggest IMO is that the appearance of doing good is the same as doing good to him.  He rarely follows up on his words (maybe because he uses different ones depending on who he is talking to) and talk is cheap.


    I do congratulate him on getting 20 billion from BP, but I am guessing that it was a back room deal in which he promised to protect them from law suits in exchange.  That is his MO.

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    PUMA.... you say that as if it were a bad thing when really all it is is people who figured the guy out long before you did.

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    we should be so lucky that Obama does something not right wing in nature.  The repbulicans are crazy for calling him socialist when we know damn well he is nearly as far right as dubya.

  • something better passed next year?  Never.  This is very weak legislation.  Truman didn't do a study when he integrated the Military. 

    You must be very easy to please, because this legislation is pathetic.

  • I agree that it is obnoxious to go around lableling all those who disagree with democrats, racist.  Rand is a libertarian which is in itself a sort of obnoxious political party/philosophy.  He is libertarian until it comes to women's bodies in which case he is authoritarian.... but I do not think he is racist.

    He is correct in theory that the government should not be able to tell people how to run their business.  But come on, the government owes protection to the minority as well as the majority and it will set about to correct gross inequities.

    I do not understand running to be part of the government when you hate government.  Didn't the republicans already show us during the bush years that you do not put government in the hands of those who hate it unless you want your country destroyed?

  • why didn't you like Arkansas?  What part of the state did you spend time in?

    Arkansas is a very beautiful state in many places. Of course if you are mix people up with their politics then I can see why you wouldn't' like it.  It is also a very populist place.  So democrats who have become very elitist over the years wouldn't like it either.

  • OH NO... not PUMA... oh dear let me get my smelling salts and locate my fainting couch!


    Obama also endorsed and worked for Lieberman.  Yes he made a deal to help specter because of the party switch.  but you have to ask youself "what the hell did having a majority do for democrats"?  Obama still compromised with republican politicians and corporations when even REPUBLICAN voters didn't want him to.

    Frankly I think the WH will be releaved to lose the majority in November.  Then they will have a valid excuise for passing republican and corporate friendly legislation.

  • yup... you are correct.

  • and I think you would be proven wrong.  I can tell you, as an actual voter in Pa, that people were turned off at the president trying to help defeat an actual democrat.  I think Obama hurt Specter when he was cutting those adds for him.  People got annoyed at the poltical old buddies insider bullshit and forgot that Specter had some redeaming qualities.


    For me, I could never forget his vicious arrogant behavior towards Anita Hill.  I have talked to other women who voted against him for the same reason.  But most people just got sick of the picture of one insider sticking up for another.

  • you lost me with Halter being a more consistant vote for Obama's aggenda.  Do you honestly still think the guy is anything close to being liberal? 


  • wow, what drama, what hyperbole.  I have to give you a 10 for style, but UNFORTUNATELY, only a 3 for substance. 

    Would you be this pissy if Lincoln were not the choice of President Obama?


    They guy is just giving his opinion.  Get over it.

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    What I mean is I hope you are not actually paying a college to teach you Political Science.  Your suggestion that she spend time answering to complaints about mispelling etc.... not wise.  People don't care.  They do not pay attention to complaints of "the republicans are not playing fair".

    In addition I saw on this very blog, over and over again, charges that Coakly was lazy, wouldn't campaign......  it was disturbing to see democrats use the same smears all in defense of the White House, because we all know she lost because people did NOT want that watered down heritage foundation republican in nature health care piece of crap we just got shove down our throats.


    And please do not tell me that lie that that bill was the best we could get.  The majority of Americans right and left, wanted something more liberal.  the white house and the congress answers to corporations who put them in office and not to the voters.

    Yes a small number of republicans actually buy the lie that Obama is a socialist and that his health care was socialist in nature.  but the majority, and that includes republicans, did not want it because there was no public option and it did not contain strong cost controls.  It was and is a give away to the private insurers with mandates and tax subsidies taken from our pockets.

    When Coakly was forced to say she would vote for the bill that is when she tanked.

    Yes, her failure was a result of disaproval of Obama and the congress.  Live with it, because we are getting ready for more loses in November.

  • mindless support the like of which they would give to no one else. 

    maybe you should go back and read again.


    ps... if you are smarter than someone then they are not your peer.


    pps....do you have any support for your claim that Obama is smarter than his peers and people who criticize him?  Wouldn't you rather just claim they are all racist?


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