Lots of good numbers for Hillary

I know that the Obama paid bloggers and volunteers are all over here saying the race is over, but it's not.  So here are some interesting numbers for all of us to chew on.

Tonight should be very interesting.  I hear there is same day registration to vote?  I wonder how many people will register and vote today?

I also hear that MI has reached an agreement with the Democratic party and it will be announced soon.  That could just be rumor.

From the hub

By the Numbers: A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that more than six in 10 Democrats 64 percent say Clinton should remain in the race.A USA Today Poll also shows a majority of Democrats want Hillary to continue.

On the Air: In a new radio ad, Hillary encourages West Virginians to get out and vote: We can pick a president.  After all, no Democrat has been elected president without winning West Virginia for almost a hundred years.  

Clinton Fever Hits Bowling Green  Clinton fever has come to Bowling Green . Kentucky for Hillary opened a new office and held an open house Monday. Crowds turned out to show support for their favorite candidate. A candidate they hope will stand out in Kentucky next week "The woman has a lot of purpose, said Barbara Burns, a Clinton supporter. "She wants to serve our country as best she can, and I believe she can do that as president.

SD Endorsement Watch: Yesterday, 41 former South Dakota state legislators and constitutional officers endorsed Hillary for President. With over 330 years of combined experience, they believe that South Dakotans need a President who will stand with them.  Former State Representative Al Waltman said, Hillary Clinton has real solutions to our economic problems and she has the experience and resolve to make those plans a reality. Read more

On Tap: This Friday and Saturday, Hillary returns to the Beaver State , where she will meet with Oregonians from across the state.

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11-year-old gives $440 to Clinton campaign

11-year-old gives $440 to Clinton campaign
Associated Press

When Hatfield presented former President Bill Clinton with a check for $440 after Friday's rally at the Williamson Fire Station, the man who was once the leader of the free world seemed to nearly come to tears.

"You sold your bike to get this?" Clinton asked the McAndrews, Ky. native.

The reply was "yes" and a whole lot more.

Hatfield feels so strongly that Hillary Clinton should be the next president he not only sold his bicycle, but video games and anything else he could find that "I could make money with" to donate to the former first lady's bid for the Democratic nomination.

"I was thinking one day how could I make money for the campaign," he says. "And I just went through my closet and found things I didn't need."

The result was a donation that for the most part left the former president, who is known as a great communicator, speechless.


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The Fight Stuff

NOTABLE in the Indiana and North Carolina primary results and in many recent polls are signs of a change in the gender weather: white men are warming to Hillary Clinton -- at least enough to vote for her. It's no small shift. These men have historically been her fiercest antagonists. Their conversion may point less to a new kind of male voter than to a new kind of female vote-getter.

Pundits have been quick to attribute the erosion in Barack Obama's white male support to a newfound racism. What they have failed to consider is the degree to which white male voters witnessing Senator Clinton's metamorphosis are being forced to rethink precepts they've long held about women in American politics.


Yes, IT has never made sense to say that men who previously supported Obama are now racist.  That is not what is happening, she is winning them over and he is losing them.  My opinion is that once white males got to know Obama  they liked him less.  Once they got to know Clinton better they liked her better.  According to an old friend of mine "she is the toughest person in  the race" and "has the "best poker face and we need a poker player right now".  When I read this article I thought of him.  

For years, the prevailing theory has been that white men are often uneasy with female politicians because they can't abide strong women. But if that's so, why haven't they deserted Senator Clinton? More particularly, why haven't they deserted her as she has become ever more pugnacious in her campaign?

Maybe the white male electorate just can't abide strong women whom they suspect of being of a certain sort. To adopt a particularly lamentable white male construct, the sports metaphor, political strength comes in two varieties: the power of the umpire, who controls the game by application of the rules but who never gets hit; and the power of the participant, who has no rules except to hit hard, not complain, bounce back and endeavor to prevail in the end.

For virtually all of American political history, the strong female contestant has been cast not as the player but the rules keeper, the purse-lipped killjoy who passes strait-laced judgment on feral boy fun. (snip)

The specter of the prissy hall monitor is, in part, the legacy of the great female reformers of Victorian America. In fact, these women were the opposite of fainting flowers. Susan B. Anthony barely flinched in the face of epithets, hurled eggs and death threats. Carry A. Nation swung an ax. Yet they were regarded by men as the regulators outside the game.



More over the fold

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Obama on NBC, Hillary on ABC

I am watching the first half of the Obama on Meet the Press.  Hillary doesn't come on my cable until 10:30.  Feel free to chime in about either program.

So far they are talking about Wright.  OBama is insisting that Wright added to his divisive statements before he denounced him.  I think that is very untrue and of course Timmy is treating him with kid gloves.

Update [2008-5-4 10:34:56 by TeresaInPa]:

I am switching to ABC.  Please feel free to continue to tell us what Obama is saying.

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Obama on NBC, Hillary on ABC

I am watching the first half of the Obama on Meet the Press.  Hillary doesn't come on my cable until 10:30.  Feel free to chime in about either program.

So far they are talking about Wright.  OBama is insisting that Wright added to his divisive statements before he denounced him.  I think that is very untrue and of course Timmy is treating him with kid gloves.

Update [2008-5-4 10:31:39 by TeresaInPa]: I am switching to ABC. Please feel free to continue to tell us what Obama is saying.

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Obama sucking up to Fox

He is saying we should not regulate pollution, but give business the chance to do it themselves.  He is talking about merit pay for teachers.
OOPS, he just brought up dkos and how he was attacked there in .....2005?  

Any one watching?  What do you think of what he is saying?

ummm.. he is defending his vote on partial birth abortion on the grounds that the states should control partial birth abortion.  Is that what I heard?  Now are they not going to look at the fact that his votes as a state senator and legitimately question all the Present votes?

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Rules are RULES.. not Obama Roolz

Young Barack fans suspended

April 24, 2008

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Two high school seniors are paying a high price for their interest in politics.

Colin Saltry and Joey Daniel say they skipped gym class on Monday to rush over to a diner where Sen. Barack Obama's motorcade pulled in.

The two met Obama, and they say he even signed excuse slips for them to show their teachers.

That didn't work. Saltry and Daniel got one-day suspensions for leaving school grounds. AP

Frankly I think this is harsh and I don't think these kids should have been suspended.  But rules are rules. Did Barry really thik he had the authority to sign these kids permission slips?

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Pennsylvania brings it for Hillary

We had a wonderful day.  The weather was great.  The people were happy.  The campaign was cooking with all burners.

Come join me for some impressions of what happened and why and why the media continues to be so idiotic.....

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Another GREAT DAY in Scranton PA

Wow, another great day.  Take the jump and read all about the happenings in Scranton.
First and most important, yes, Newhampster lives and breaths and is taking PA by storm.  What a nice guy!  He was winning voters over all over the north side of Scranton. Tomorrow, who knows, we might send him to my friend XXX's house to win him over...silly Obama voter that he is.

Speaking of XXX, he was at the Obama rally tonight and lived blogged it in my email so I could share in the hope and change.

This is what my email looked like.


(next email)


(next email)


(next email

Hillary = Lobbyists


Well I thought it was pretty funny.

what is not so funny is that when we send people out for visibility they are getting called names, well the women are.  they are getting called bitches and whores, mostly by young men.  What is that all about?  Why do men in their 20s think it is cleaver to yell these sorts of things at middle aged and young women supporting Hillary?

I tell them to smile back and not let it bother them, that these guys probably aren't even registered to vote.  But it is hurtful and for some women who have never been active in politics before it feels personal.  

Join me in the looking glass.....

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We had a GREAT DAY in Scranton PA

Cross posted at Typical PA White Woman http://typicalpawhitewoman.blogspot.com/

I live near Scranton in a small town just north of the city.  Two days ago I was there all day, canvassing and calling and meeting new friends from all over the country.

We canvassed west side, that is where Hillary's father is buried just a few yards from my father in law and his father and mother and my ex-mother in law's parents Honeybee and Pop.

We had all positive responses except for one Naderite and a lot of people not home.  In fact one man who was a republican said he was counting on us to get her nominated because he was going to vote for her in November.  He said "we need a woman in office".

I talked to a lot of great people on the phone and it was all over a great day.

But yesterday was even better.  Join me on the other side and let me tell you how great it was.

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