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    who came to PA to volunteer for Clinton got spit on in state college and again here in NE PA.  They also got called all kinds of obscene names when they were doing visibility.

    ps.... that WA PO article on racism in PA was nonsense.  Most of the things listed NEVER happened.  While I believe that people might have said racist things to phone callers, I know for a fact no Obama signs were burned in Scranton.
    In addition, I called people who called Hillary all kinds of sexist names too.  Did the media ever tell that story.  No they were too busy telling lies for Obama and not bothering to check the facts.

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    thanks for the diary.  Instead of all the premature "Obama won let's join hands" nonsense that has been posted here you have explained why a great many of us will not give up until the convention.
    If 30 years of never having voted for anyone but a democrat doesn't give me that right, well then, this is not my party anymore.
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    the race is not over, he hasn't won, it's too late to listen to my concerns.  My concerns needed to be addressed months ago.  Too late

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    reading all the snotty comments by Obamafans made it worth it.


  • you are right and the calls to "prove it" are the last straw arguments of people who have no arguments.

  • I guess I am one too.  I have shed my liberal white guilt that caused me to love and agree with any race card ever played and the patronizing form of racism that goes with Liberal White guilt.  I finally understand why republicans are able to label liberals as elitists.  In many many cases they are correct. I realize that most liberals I know have no clue what "elitist" means or why they may or may not be one.  I realize that many liberals do not recognize or at least will not acknowledge that the party has a problem with elitism and how it effects our chances every four years.
    I reject the idea that I am to the left of the majority of the people in the USA and I am willing to compromise with other democrats, but NOT with right wing ideas such as some of those proposed by post partisan Obama.
  • for Hillary.  She has a better resume, she is smarter, definitely more mature and has a much better chance to win in November.  
    That trumps race or gender.
  • there is so much wrong and frankly hypocritical with his western state strategy.  It would make sense if he wrote off red states in the south in favor of red states in the west.  However writing off swing states such as FL, WV etc.... makes no sense at all.  
    He is counting on red states to make up for swing states he won't even try to win or give only a cursory attention to?

    And here is the hypocrisy piece... his plan has nothing to do with the 50 state strategy he promised and all his supporters are so in love with.  In fact, in love to the point that Hillary got bashed for not having a 50 state strategy in the primary.

  • people voted.  Opened or closed it benefited both candidates in different states.  
    Your argument makes no sense.  Popular vote is less about the will of the people than pledged delegates?  Weren't those pledged delegates also garnered in states with both open and closed voting?
  • you are correct on every count.

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    you complaining about TR abuse?  LOL

  • when you call them racists and dummies.

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    Kennedy compromised on candidates for what ever reason.  If this was important to him he would NOT be supporting Obama.
    I think a more fitting tribute would be to re-inforce NCLB, a union busting bit of legislation both Obama and Kennedy can get behind.
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    they would be supporting Clinton.  If young women do not care.... oh well

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    seems more about hate and division than anything else.  


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