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    is a Clintonista some one who supported Clinton last year?  Because I always thought it was a stupid term adopted by the ignorant right wing to suggest Bill and Hillary were socialists.
    I didn't realize Obamanation had adopted right wing hate speech.

    I like Clinton, thought he was a good president.  I supported Hillary last year.  I knew she'd make a great president.  If nothing else I knew that with her what you see is what you get. She doesn't play games.

    I have no problem with anything Bill Clinton said. I am me and he is he and Hillary is herself and not Bill either. I don't like the bill, but then I am an ardent single payer advocate and think Obamacare, in as much as there is such a thing was doomed to suck big time as soon as he took single payer off the table.
    Sorry to disappoint you.

  • moderation in some things, progressiveness in some things.  They would have stood for what they said they stood for and all of them would have been more progressive than Obama, they always were with the exception of Edwards.
    What they weren't is so amorphous that you could decide they were whoever you wanted them to be.

    "Even Edwards"...?  LOL, (you haven't figured out what a phony he was yet?)

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    the article you are referencing.

    To you:

    I still want to believe that we will stand up and fight against the powerful, monied forces that are going to put their own greed and misled ideology above anything else no matter who reaches out and what compromise is offered. Too many lives are at stake for us to lose this time.

    Obama is not losing, he IS the candidate of choice of the "monied forces" you talk about.  You have all the evidence you need if you look at who contributed to his campaign and finally admit he was NOT the candidate of small donors.  He was NOT the choice of the average blue collar democrat who are the majority of the party.  He was not even the people's choice for president.  He was big corporate and thus big media's choice.
    He is delivering to the people who backed him.

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    Rahm is not a purely political pit-bull.  He is the guy Obama chose as his closest adviser and the person who runs the staff.

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    very interesting diary, though I hate the idea of another ism, I do see what you are saying in my every day life.

  • sure, just pass the kool aid and the hope bong and I'll be fine.

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    "well dear the media doesn't decide who the democratic nominee is and generally they are full of shit and don't know what they are talking about".

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    I am sure some people said racist things just as some people said sexist things.  I said that didn't I?
    The problem is that the WA PO story was full of undocumented lies.  No signs were burned in Scranton along the parade routes.  Call and ask the Scranton police if you like.  It was a bullshit story, but of course it fit your "Appalachians are racist" storyline so who cares?
    This is just part of why Obama will lose in November.  
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    yup, people like her better. She has better policies, she resonates with voters better.

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    the Obama campaign said they were going to win big in NC dues to demographics.  IN is next to IL and Gary IN had some questionable results, to say the least.  In fact I am sure there was some funky ballot stuffing going on.  But Clinton still won in IN a state she was not supposed to win.

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    they are going to help Super delegates chose in August who can best beat McCain.

  • they wouldn't have any stats at all.
    Kind of like Obama who thinks he is the winner.
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    Wow, brilliant diary and I love that you are totally unapologetic in your disgust.


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