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    Franken is one of the best right off the bat.  I hope he can resist the "pay to play" atmosphere in DC so that he can remain the brave senator he is now.

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    excellent post!  I recommend it and hope you write more. I am going to share those links and this diary with the folks at the confluence.  They will want to hear about this remarkable woman.

  • shouldn't the American voters get the prize?  Because Obama hasn't actually done anything to promote peace yet except be born black which really has little to do with him either.

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    Frankin is a mensch.

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    I should have blockquoted all of that... apologies

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    When Al Franken came to the Senate he claimed that his strategy would be to follow the lead of Hillary Rodham Clinton in his approach to legislating:

       Franken pointed out the similarities between his celebrity arrival and hers, "There's something in Hillary as a model for me, because Hillary, well she came in with a different kind of celebrity obviously. But there was a kind of skepticism where she had to prove herself a certain way and also prove not to be a kind of a show horse, but to be a work horse. And so I want to you know put my head down and get to work when I get there."

    If Al Franken enters the Senate the same way that Hillary Clinton did, he will be in great shape. Clinton came to the Senate and assumed the role of the junior Senator from New York. Clinton stayed out of the spotlight, until she decided to run for president, and worked.

    http://www.politicususa.com/en/Franken-H illary-Clinton

  • well I am not a conservative or a Reagan democrat.  I am a liberal with plenty of sympathy for those children.  However, the cops can NOT be everywhere.  Most of them care very much what happens in their various cities and tax payers can not pay enough taxes to make sure we have enough cops to stop this sort of thing.
    The surest way to continue to have inner city people be helpless victims is for them to continue being helpless victims, blaming everyone else besides themselves for the terrible communities they live in.
    And it is not just them.. it is middle class people in the suburbs who do not see that their kids are on drugs etc....and also blame that on schools.  

    ps... I do not believe that cops were just sitting a few blocks away and decided to let murder happen. Sorry about that, but while there is police brutality, from some cops,  toward people they consider perpetual perps, most cops are not monsters.

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    that they left you little bit of woods alone. I can vouch for how important woods are to people, I live on 31 acres about 20 of which are woods that lead right in to more words on my neighbors properties around me.  It is heaven. Woods are better than sports venues any day.

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    I hate them for being idiots.  I hate them for being so shallow and meaningless....look at they way they are trying to make this about manners and is this the same as Wilson's bad manners towards Obama.  It is not the same, this guy is talking about health care and people dying and they are trying to make news rather than reporting it.

    Go Grayson.

  • Grandberry faulted school and police officials for not beefing up patrols in the neighborhood.

    Well of course, do not blame the kids, the crappy parenting or the sick community that these kids come from.... just blame the school and the cops.
    You know, city kids really should stop shooting each other and beating each other up.  Someone in that community, perhaps all of the parents together, should do something.

  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you have cut me to the bone.  =)
    Name calling is for children BTW. No less than I expect from the kool aid generation and paid Obama bloggers.
    And to those who got their panties so twisted that they had to give me really really mean ratings (boo hoo)....Edwards is a lying scum bag and Obama is an amorphous center right DINO.
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    he has always been too pragmatic for me, but he didn't and doesn't shy from work and responsibility.  What he says is not different depending on which group he is talking to.

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    Even as I mock those who blame Obama for the work product of Congressman and Senators.

    He is to blame for it.  He said he had a plan during the primaries.  Where is it?  Why did he leave it to the senate? My guess is that then when it failed or sucked he didn't have to take the blame.

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    Bill Clinton is not president.   Now what do you think of Obama's support of the healthcare industry and his rejection of any REAL health care reform?

    First of all there should have been an actual Obama plan.  He said he had one after all.  Then he should NOT have taken single payer off the table. They should have started with single payer and negotiated backwards from there if nessesary.

    Do you really think that Emanuel could not twist the arms of the blue dogs and gotten single payer passed?  OF course he could have.  

    What is being proposed is the health care industry bail out package and Obama supports it.

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    I think maybe Bill is a bit too friendly with Big Corp since leaving office, I wish he felt our pain a little more these days like back in the 90s.

    You supported Obama in the primaries and you can say this with a straight face?  Obama is too friendly with the corporations now and he was as a candidate too.  Did you really believe all those millions came from small donors? ROFL
    Now tell me what you think of Obama making deals with the insurance companies when he met with them in private? (what????, Not on CSPAN?)


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