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    more talking points from the fax blast.
    You know that his campaign made a huge deal about him being anti war.  
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    oh come on.  You probably thought he was the anti war candidate too.  Be real

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    is confidence and a steady hand why he had to throw in something for everyone?  Conservatives are supposed to be pleased he is attacking the enemy and liberals that he is going to start pulling out troops in 18 months.  As adults we know that both things can not be done.  In addition to that he is depending on the stupidity of democrats hoping they will continue to see only what they want to see.

  • I would have been very excited by this news.  But my "pro-choice" blue dog congressman in my mostly republican district has said he will not vote for HCR withOUT the stupak amendment.  And the next guy over in an overwhelmingly democratic and pro-choice district said the same.  They both bragged about how the Catholic Bishops stepped in and urged them to vote for the amendment.
    Now we have the blue dogs in charge of the DNC and the White house and I am not sure why I should give a flying you know what about democrats being in charge.

    Do you have a break down as to how many of these new candidates are women?  Might give me something to care about.

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    so why did you open this thread?

    I am so tired of irrational hate on both sides of the isle.  Democratic blogs have started to look just like free republic did in the 90s.

    Since I have no reason to believe otherwise, I think that Palin tells the truth as she sees it, that she resigned for exactly the reasons she said, that she IS the mother of Trig and that if democrats weren't so afraid of her they would shut up about her.

    She is popular.  Did anyone notice the size of the crowds which show up to see her?

    You know I am in a unique position.  I am here in NE PA where it was claimed people lined the roads with racial slurs when Obama came to town, and that at a Palin rally people where yelling kill him or some such nonsense.  WaPo wrote this crap in the paper and it was repeated by Obama supporters over and over because it was convenient.  But it slandered the people around here who are faithful democrats who just happened to prefer Clinton.

    so now I see the same mindless hate, sexism and jeering directed at Palin and it is as completely stupid and mindless.
    Don't underestimate Palin.  People do like her and she is a person democrats are going to have to contend with which you can tell by the amount of time they spend insisting she is nothing but a dumb bimbo.

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    what magic hat did you pull that bullshit out of?

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    she couldn't get elected dog catcher and yet she was governor of Alaska?

    sometimes it is embarrassing to be a democrat.

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    it's none of your business and I doubt you have any polling evidence about what pregnant women would prefer.

    Andrew Sullivan is a vainglorious phony and a drama queen.  He should be ashamed of himself and not democrat with any self respect should read him after his bush addiction and his piling on every right wing rumor and smear about The Clintons and Al Gore.

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    they are afraid of losing power and a cushy job if women finally start voting for real change rather than the "status quo  we can believe in" we are getting from Obama and his back up group, the DINOS.
    Many men are and always have been afraid Mommy would come back and start running their lives.
  • But in every other respect this is a proposal for a communist-style health care system.

    You took a left rather than a right and missed free republic altogether.

    Medicare for all would be medicare as it works now, only better with medicare picking up more than 80 percent and in addition covering dental and vision.  Yeah!  Now what does that have to do with communism.  What a stupid comparison.

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    your first point and your secound point contradict each other.

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    interesting, not much new here but if this is your masters thesis you should change this: helped by Cuban anger over Al Gore's role in the Elian Gonzalez affair.

    Gore had no role in the affair.  He was asked about what he thought and he was the courts should handle the case.  Imagine that, letting the courts decide.

  • I do not believe that tasers should be anything but a substitute for situations where you would otherwise use a gun.  They should not be a method of dealing with an unruly person who you would NEVER shoot if there were no tasers.

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    I wonder what the white house has promised Snow to get her to force the democrats in to the legislation the WH has promised the insurance companies?

  • so while you were call to fight misogyny and discrimination against women, you couldn't help stopping to think that this woman's voice sounded "hot".
    Gee, can't figure out at all why nothing ever changes.


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