• i am still a democrat, but I didn't get a fucking pony yet and Obama is turning out to be everything I knew he would be...self aggrandizing with only his legacy as his concern.
  • one task I had after the convention was to bring and comfort Clinton supporters into the Obama campaign. ugh, that is so patronizing. You can't bring people in to the fold after you have stolen their votes and cheated them.
  • yeah, cause those Hillary Pumas are so much worse than the Obama PUMAs are/were.
  • I don't think he inherited the biggest mess ever even though that is what he keeps telling us along with "everything I do is unprecedented and historic". I think Truman inherited a worse mess. How about Lincoln? I can think of several others.... He also has the most favorable odd with the senate and congress being solidly democratic. If he can't get anything done right at this point he just simply can not lead and was not ready for the job. Women get screwed because many have a bad case of being Stockholmed by the democratic party.
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    why can not both sets of anti women's rights language be stricken from the bill? Is it because blue dogs won't like it?.... and I vote for the democratic party why?
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    when the people choose one candidate to run for president, it would be nice if the other people they have put in office previously would honor their choice. Let the fucking party be unified with the actual voters again and then I will worry about what the voters owe them back.
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    toadyism, yes. I was about to ask if there a special school where they teach democrats boot licking.
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    is that you?
    As a member of the team, it's time to stop the criticism of Obama, forget about the public option, and push progressive ideas in a way that is not likely to produce another ideological battle. Even Jakob Hacker, the guy who introduced the idea of the public option, thinks the Senate bill is OK:
    Forget about the public option. Forget that with out it there is no reason for insurance companies to lower their profits and extend better deals to the American people. Accept this crappy Insurance protection ACT because otherwise... OBAMA LOOKS BAD AND WE CAN'T HAVE OBAMA LOOK BAD.
  • how'd that work out for democrats last month?

    This is exactly the kind of crap the party doesn't need.

  • it is not so much a sex act as an expression coined for a particular sex act.  Most people, believe it or not, are not that current in slang expressions for sex acts.

  • did you just post a different poll and twist Ludwig's meaning?

  • what are you talking about?  I don't think the diarist mentioned "teabaggers"... and what does that have to do with southerners or racism?

  • why?  You think non of them read the NYT, don't cha?  Admit it?

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    Obama and the Obamadog democrats are not going to spend one more dimes worth of political capital to fix this legislation later.  If this passes insurance companies and the campaigns they support are the only entities that are going to benefit.

    I can not believe the gutlessness and ability to be conned that I see in some people here.  If Bush had tried to pass this crap you all would have been screaming bloody murder.
    Where is Zombie Nixon when you need him?  His reform was better than this.

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    when a president chooses his COS, he chooses the person closest to him in politics, someone he trusts and agrees with.  Before the election he kept Rahm hidden deep deep in the back of his closet.  His choice of Emanuel tells you all you need to know about him that I can not believe you did not see before the primaries if not during.
    Obama has no political compass except the one that points to his own ascension to power.  


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