ThinkingBlue Search: focused web search for progressive community

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Check out this new online search tool we are offering to the progressive community: It's called ThinkingBlue Search (, and it is a google-powered custom and focused search engine.

ThinkingBlue Search is currently covering about 470 web sites, including:

every major progressive blog that discusses politics and policy (over 200 of them and adding more daily), every major progressive think tank (over 40 of them), every major official Democratic web site including every single local State party website (about 70-ish of them), every major liberal political journal and magazine in print and online (over 25), most of the major progressive syndicated columnists (right now just over 20 and growing), most of the progressive watchdog groups (also about 20 at the moment) and lastly, it also searches the early progressive political wikis that exist (about a dozen or so).

..and we're adding sites daily.

A key feature is that it lets you refine your search to say, just what the blogs are saying, or just the think-tanks, or columnists...etc..

My cohorts and I at my company have been interested for a while at some of the functionality that Google has been opening up in their API's and other services. I've been specifically looking as to how they could be put to use to help the liberal and progressive online (and mobile) community...

So out of building something we could personally use, but also that might be of use to the larger community, we set up ThinkingBlue Search.

This is a custom search engine powered by Google Co-op focused specifically on searching out across the spectrum of politically progressive ideas and discussion.

See what you think. Try it out, and as ThinkingBlue Search is very much a stable alpha at this point (and Google Co-op itself is a beta) but I would love early feedback, which you can leave in the comments here... or email to tchambers AT

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