• Just as he couldn't make Hillary his VP pick because of her vote on Iraq (which would disarm his "McCain supports the occupation of Iraq" argument), Obama couldn't allow Johnson to stay on his VP selection committee after it came out that Countrywide had given Johnson preferential mortgage terms, because it disarms his "McCain opposes re-regulation of banks" argument.

    I can't argue against the decision.

  • That is all.

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    Only you.

    Obama bowled 'em over at AIPAC today.

    Very impressive.

    McCain is toast.

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    ... exactly in the DNC rules I can find the provision that says anything about a popular vote count determining the outcome of the nomination process.

    Until you can do that, I'll have to disregard your posting as pure delusion.

  • ... it was closer to three and three-quarter million people who hired her.

    Enough distractions!  Get down to work.

  • ... that I and three-and-a-quarter million other New Yorkers gave her nearly eight years ago, a job she has been pretty much ignoring for the last year or so, as she has been otherwise engaged.

    Now that her Presidential ambitions have come to an ungracious end, she should start (for the first time, since her first seven years were all about political maneuvering to position her for the Presidency) working hard to be the very best Junior Senator from New York that she can be.

    Now is her chance to prove her value to New Yorkers and to make her real place in history.

    Last night was a rather inauspicious beginning for that effort.

  • ..."I know that President Obama will be a good friend to Israel,"  but it's a step in the right direction.

    Let's hope she keeps moving toward the light.

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    ... is a Hillary Clinton dead-ender.

    Check out

    http://blog.hillaryclinton.com/blog/main /2008/06/03/163233

    ... and search down for "GordonWayneWatts", and you'll find this:

    I have legal experience... CAVEAT (see fine print below)


    I have legal experience. (If you doubt that, do a Google search on my screen name -it's my real name, FYI -and you'll see a CERTAIN (cough) unnamed high-profile case that I almost won (losing 4-3 in the State's Supreme Ct -doing better than a certain Florida Governor)

    OK, now that I've established bragging rights for legal expertise, let me give you the fine print and disclaimer: I'm NOT actually a lawyer (but I've stayed in a Holiday Inn, lol :-)

    That said, here's my take on the issue: She should sue the daylights out of the AP in ...which court? The COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.

    When Bill Clinton said there was a conspiracy, he needed proof. Well, here it is -IF Hillary can prove that this was intentional. OK, any more legal questions?

    by GordonWayneWatts at 6/3/2008 3:10:10 PM

    Who is Gordon Wayne Watts, you ask?

    He's the guy who stuck his nose into the Terri Schiavo case, and denied all medical evidence  before the Florida Supreme Court, insisting that she could be cured of anencephaly.

    The perfect Hillary Clinton dead-ender.

  • ... (as a means to troll for donations to pay off her debt) so I offered her the following advice:

    Senator Clinton;

    Please get back to work in the Senate.

    I am one of your constituents.  Back before you announced your candidacy for President, I wrote to you and begged you not to run for President, pointing out that we need you in the Senate, fighting against the Republicans and their corporate masters.  I told you that I believed a run for the Presidency would waste the time you have to do the people's business, and divide Democrats unnecessarily.  I also believed then as I do now that the burden of Bill's Presidency would weigh down your candidacy.

    Instead of following my advice, you chose to ignore it, and in doing so, you proved me correct.

    Now you have been beaten by an upstart black man, and in the process your chosen campaign strategies have divided the party so drastically by race and gender that their consequences threaten to destroy the Democratic party coalition, perhaps even putting a dangerous fool like John McCain into the White House.

    Every day I hear more and more of your disappointed followers threaten to make a protest vote for McCain, or to stay home in November, simply because you pretended that the Democratic Party's rules for delegate selection mattered less than some vague notion of a popular vote when it comes to choosing the Democratic nominee.

    And now you are trying to pressure Barack Obama to make you his Vice Presidential nominee.

    Have you no sense of decency?

    You owe it to the people of America, and especially to the low-information voters your campaign has strategically enraged against Barack Obama, to spend every day between now and November meekly begging your supporters to forget every falsehood you told about Senator Obama during the campaign.  You owe it to us, your constituents, to mend the divide your campaign has created.  If you do that, we might permit you to continue to serve in the Senate for another term when the current term is up.

    But if you continue on your present course of attempting to delegitimize the Democratic Party's nominee for President, a nomination he has won fair and square and strictly by the book -- and if you continue to make unreasoning demands of him -- you will find that we are in no mood to forgive you for wasting the time we gave you to work on our behalf in your vain pursuit of greater power.

    Stand up for us first by fixing what you have broken during this bloody primary campaign, and then by getting down to business undoing the damage to America that the Republican Congress and President did over the last eight years -- and the damage the previous Republican Congress did with your husband's collaboration during the previous four years -- and history, as well as your constituents, might offer you something like the respect you feel you deserve.

    Fail to do these things, and your place in history will be little more a shameful footnote to Bill's shabby place in history.

    Shut down your campaign now, concede to Barack Obama his victory, and do the right thing from now on.


  • ... who are serving as governors, or who aren't currently serving, but voted the right way in 2002, and paid an unfair price for it.

    You're right, we don't need to settle.

  • Or someone who has apologized absolutely and firmly for voting the wrong way on the AUMF, and has worked hard to correct his/her error ever since.

  • ... and her selection would be for Barack Obama a repudiation of his campaign message.

    Moreover, selecting Hillary Clinton for VP would amount to unilateral against John McCain.

    The biggest reason John Kerry lost in 2004 was his vote for the Iraq AUMF.  It was a fatal error, and undermined his arguments about ending the occupation, and undermined his arguments about having better judgement than George Bush.

    Clinton is unsuited to be Obama's VP for the same reason that Clinton was unsuited to the Democratic Presidential nomination:  it disarms the Democrats' strongest arguments against McCain, the "supports the Iraq Invasion and Occupation" argument, and the "bad judgement" argument that flows therefrom.

    Unless he wants 2008 to turn out as 2004 did, Obama can't put anyone on his ticket who supported the illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq, unless that person a) realized very early on that they had made a mistake, and 2) vocalized early and often the fact that they had made a mistake, 3) apologized for that mistake, and 4) worked their ass off to reverse that mistake.

    And frankly, I'm not certain that even John Edwards' mea culpa -- and his succeeding fight to undo his error -- would be sufficient to overcome his vote for the AUMF.

    But absolutely, barring a John Edwards strength, heartfelt mea culpa and request for forgiveness directly form her lips, Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself from the VP slot.

  • ... I look forward to lifting a glass to honor Hillary Clinton's gracious concession this evening, after all the day's delegates have rolled in.

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    ... that which was never yours in the first place.


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