Senator George Allen a WASP ?

As a real Anglo-Saxon who can trace my roots to way
before the Norman invasion of England in 1066 C.E.
I am always amused at the ignorance of those no
brainers who think they belong to some sort of Master

This guy Senator George Allen is no exception.
Steeped in abysmal ignorance about the Human Race and
its myriad ethnic groups. Swallowing, hook,line and
sinker the myths generated by Hitlers' NAZI party and
others of that ilk.

From time to time I have interesting and amusing
online chats with some of these so called Racial
Supremecists. After stating PROUDLY their Anglo Saxon
and Aryan lineage, turn out to have a name like
'Kelly','McKay', or 'Presley' and so on.

They then get very angry when I tell them that they
cannot possible be pure Anglo Saxon because their name
are either Celtic or Welsh.
Its a bit like a Russian claiming to be Hispanic.
These 'Master Race' clowns also get beside themselves
with rage when I point out that an Afghani or an Irani
has a greater claim to the title 'Aryan' than do
The Anglo-Saxons,Norse or other Germanic peoples.
The truth is that the word 'Aryan' refers not to a
race of people but to a group of people who share a
common language structure. The Afghani and Irani people
are nearer to this Aryan source than the Germanic peoples.

To get back to Senator George Allen. How does he equate
racial superiority with having a mother who is African?
Yes, Morocco is in Africa. It should be noted that the
French are NOT Anglo-Saxon in anyway. Either way
Senator George Allen, your pedigree sucks.

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