Sarah Palin on the Issues

Thought you'd all like to see the many, many stands Sarah Palin has taken on the issues:

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McCain's new VP is HOT!

So setting aside the fact that it's a horrible pick for McCain for many, many reasons... not the least of which is that she looks so young that it makes him look about 150 years-old. But JM's pick for VP is kinda hot. No?

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Baby Mama (Updated w/ Sugar)

So we all know sexism is abound in our media culture... but it's not just confined to Clintons. Today on FAUX news we have this jaw-dropping exchange.

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Whitey Tape Found! Update X2

Well folks we've managed to track down the most damaging piece of video tape ever produced about a presidential candidate.

The source of the rumor, of course is Jarry Lohnson (jack-ass extraordinaire). And Jarry claims he hasn't seen the tape, simply heard of it... so where-o-where did he hear of it from?

Let's turn to our friends the folks in the right-wing blogasphere for the answer.

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One of 'Hillary's Girls' Tells it, Like it is.

We've all seen the battle cry on the rec list... diary after diary imploring Hillary to take it all the way to the convention floor.

So imagine my shock today when I read an article by Susan Estrich. Estrich it should be said is truly one of Hillary's Girls, she literally wrote the book on electing Hillary...

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We've given her dozens of breaks

Many diarist on here today are asking us to give Hillary a break. To give her the benefit of the doubt. To believe that she was simply misquoted or taken out of contest.

Well, I'd like to ask those diarist and the pro-hillary commenters who agree to consider the reverse of this situation.

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Tommorrow's Rec List - Tonight!

Ladies and Gentlemen I now present to you tomorrow's outrage. A full 24hours early, soon to be seen in diary after diary from everyone's favorite Hillary-bloggers.

Here it is:

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Ben Smith reporting on his blog that the Obama campaign has moved his evening event to 6:30 in order to make time for a "Big" endorsement.

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WV Predictions

I've got mine:

HRC 61
BO 38
Edwards 1

I think Hillary's tremendous poll lead will keep some of her supporters home (She doesn't need me. She's got it wrapped up). and the media narrative will keep some others home ( She doesn't need me, He's got it wrapped up). Obama's enthusiastic but relatively small number of supporters will show up for their candidate... over performing his expected number and giving him a slight bump in the final tally.

Hillary still wins by a wide margin, Obama over performs expectations... nothing changes in the race.

Let's hear yours.

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Bill Clinton: Ginning up the resentments (UPDATED)

Bill Clinton is making a barnstorming tour through WV. Stoking resentment in an effort to undermine Barack Obama as our presumptive nominee.

Jack Tapper notes:

He's using the kind of language Democrats typically use against Republicans -- as in, stuff you say when you don't want voters to vote for the other guy under any circumstance. 2008/05/bill-clintons-m.html

Here are some extended quotes from the man himself:

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