Obama Be Ready for Abortion/Immigration in Final Debate - Palin talking a lot about it now

I'm listening to Palin's newest rally teleprompter speech.  The longest part BY FAR is abortion.

Since abortion hasn't come up yet nor has immigration I'm certain they will in the final debate.

I'm tired of hearing Democrats stumble on abortion.

the response should be simply - "the government should stay out of peoples' bedrooms and doctors offices as much as possible. Further, I trust women to have their own control over their own bodies.  The best way to reduce abortion is by having a strong economy, with healthcare for all Women and children"

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Something I've always understood.

I've always felt that if, due to someone's beliefs, religious or otherwise, they feel that a real human life exists from the point of conception, then I can understand their need for that to be the overriding issue in a campaign.  If they feel in their soul of souls that abortion is killing something with a soul, I can entirely understand their need to fight against it.

So if someone tells me that their vehemently pro-life, I understand why they're a republican.  If they believe that abortions are ok under certain circumstances, then I have no idea why they would be a republican because logic defeats all of their  other issues.

I personally have always felt that abortion should be legal in cases of rape, incest, and up to the point where the baby has a reasonable chance of survival outside of the womb with today's medical technology (just after 6 months today).  I personally, despite a woman's privacy, have issues with abortion after that time.  So I don't judge people on their views unless they start hurting people or inciting other to hurt people.

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Okay...but almost nobody has one

at this time unless the mothers life is in jeopardy or the fetus is diagnosed with a severe problem.  More than 90% happen within the first trimester.

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She didn't hit Ayers

I suspect she'll be back onto something on Sunday or Monday in her solo rallies but perhaps, they are going to move onto something new after having exhausted talking about some 60s loser for an entire week.

Yeah, abortion seemed to dominate a good portion of her speech; if this is the new line of attack, I don't think it'll get McCain much traction

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Couldn't the abortion discussion

just be a way to pander to Casey Sr. in Johnstown?  I would imagine that her views on abortion are quite popular in this part of Penn.

Let's wait for her speech in SE Ohio and Richmond to determine whether this line of attack (which is weak in my opinion) is where McCain wants to turn for the next week.

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Re: Obama Be Ready for Abortion/Immi

As far as reproductive rights, I hope he notes that it's something that does not affect a man's body and should be up to women and their doctors

as far as immigration, I hope he says, as did Hillary, that if Mexico had a less corrupt government and a much less corrupt police, Mexico could surpass us in the standard of living department, and our government should be using our influence to push Mexico to reforms and honest governing.  

Then we'd need border control to keep in our great Mexican citizens, and not to keep out the hopeful.  

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I'm about ready for Obama to hit Palin back

Getting awfully tired of hearing her chirpy voice echo over CNN.

But Obama has the correct answer to the abortion issue, it just wasn't the one that Rick Warren's audience wanted to hear. "From the moment of conception" won't get John a standing ovation among an audience of all Americans.

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Abortion is none of your neighbors business

The rights position is based on their religious position, they have chosen to accept life begins at conception, some people choose life begins when the fetus is viable to live without the life support of the mother, some people choose at actual birth...the point is...everyone has a choice and it is between them, God and their conscience...the right wants to protect their right to choose life begins at conception but wants to denigh anyone who disagree's with them the right to choose different.  

Make no mistake..this is a religious belief and it is absolutely an attempt to force their religion on everyone...not unlike the days of the christian crusade, these people are extremist and they do not recognize your right to have freedom of religion, privacy, or choice...if they won this issue they would find another one...they will not stop they must be put down like all terrorist...we must counter attack and create laws that seal our rights of choice and forever gets them out of the passenger seat of trying to drive our lives.

We must create laws with teeth and enforce them to get the churchs once and for all out of politics...that is too much power for these  pastors and organizations to have and they are abusing it badly.  

Finally I agree 100% with Obama...we can certainly work to reduce unwanted pregnancy and that should be a common sense goal the whole nation can get behind...just my two cents on this topic.

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Re: Abortion is none of your neighbors business

my comment below was supposed to be attached to your post

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Re: Obama Be Ready for Abortion/Immigration

First, let me say that I agree with your post.  But, I think the abortion issue is more complicated than you're making it.  Even though the idea that life begins at conception may have a religious basis, it is also a logical issue--it is arguable without a religious justification that life begins then.

The other prong of this view is that many of our laws have some sort of religious basis--that doesn't invalidate them.  Murder is illegal.  If you believe that life begins at conception, then abortion falls under extant murder laws.  So, it can be argued that it is NOT a case of attempting to force religion on people any more than arguing that murder laws, theft laws, etc. are.

This is what makes the issue tough for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-choice, and frankly, I believe in abortion on demand (I can't see any justification for believing there should be restrictions placed on it if it is going to be legal in any fashion).  But, I can very much understand where those opposed to it are coming from--I can't simply dismiss their views as a church/state issue.

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I understand your point also

At the same token you could then go a step further and argue that ejaculation and birth control is murder...you can clearly look under a microscope and visualize sperm moving in semen.  If it moves it must have some form of life..true? Should that be murder?  This kind of thing is what makes this issue so controversial and why the decision of choice should always be with the murder at least until the fetus is viable and self sustainable without the mother.  Also one could take this to the other end of life and discuss a person on life support..perhaps they are brain dead but hey...their heart is beating, they have a pulse and they are breathing with help of a machine...technically they are alive...just like a fetus.  I am not trying to make lightly of the issue...I am just trying to point out that some area's of life the Government should just out of, religious organizations should respect the privacy and difference of views.

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Sorry for the typo above

I meant mother not murder

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