Need Renaming Campaign "American Option" not "public option"

Lets face it.  Most of us realize mandating people buy insurance without government competition will do nothing to control costs and  will create a private health insurance entitlement program by delivering 50 million new mostly healthy captive customers.  Something I might of thought was a Bush-era plan like privatizing social security.

However most of us would swallow a  mandate as long as there was a government run option: what has been called a "public option".

Most sheeple want to know what's in it for them.  The word "public" for many people implies entitlement programs that they reflexively don't like - e.g. it makes them think they are paying for people who are lazy, or differently pigmented etc...  Americans are selfish.

George Lakoff has a column about the bad phraseology of the health reform effort.  Personally, I can't stand the irony of older white folks protesting against government run health care who are no doubt Medicare recipients! off/health-care-reform-some-b_b_200132.h tml

Principle 8. The American Plan costs less and does more.

HMO's are big spenders, not on your health, but on administrative costs, commercials to tout their plans, and profits to investors. As much as 20 to 30% of what you pay does not go to your care. In The American Plan, 97% of what you pay goes for your care. It's a better deal for you and for our country.

Anyhow I think mistake number one was not essentially creating a medicare for all system.  People love medicare and know about it.  Even GOPers won't vote against it.  Reframing public option into the "American Option" is the only way to reshape the discussion.

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what say you?

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too late for this now

We've been talking about the public option all year. But probably he is right that the same people who recoil at public housing or public transit probably needed to hear a different tag than "public option."

I am not sold on "American option." Maybe we should have found some tag that emphasized competition for private insurers (in most markets one or two companies have a monopoly).

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There are two messages

that need to be repeated over and over:
Increased Choice
Guaranteed Access

I don't think the public option arguments hunts much with voters.  The better argument is to make is that the consumer will have more choices available.  

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Medicare for all

The simple solution would have been to call it medicare for all because medicare is popular and hard to argue against.

But we are discussing the brilliant people in DC here. if we had called it medicare for all- there would be little debate. Why do I knwo this?


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