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    Oh, and the good ol' switcherooney keeps in line with a recent dinner McCain had with top Hollywood Dems and Dean. He could be the Inside Man. He's keeping Bush close (keep your friends close and your enemies closer), building a trust, then will yank the rug out from under him when his guard is down. Let's just say I wouldn't be shocked to see a McCain/Feingold ticket. I'm full of conspiracy theories. Feingold did throw the censure thing out there without consulting other Dems. Maybe he consulted McCain? I do really really think McCain is putting on an act right now. Only way to get through the Repub base. Then back to normal.

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    I've been screaming this for months now. McCain has taken his stances in order to be "in favor" with Bush. McCain wants his campaign team. So Bush is giving them to him - with one stipulation. Jebbie must be his VP pick. That way Jebbie can be launched into the next presidency. There will also be a Bush sitting guard on his brother's policies. There have been multiple meetings between Rove/Jebbie/McCain in the past few months. Personally, I think this is a dumb idea, as Jebbie will only hurt McCain's ticket. But something in me feels like McCain might bite the hand that feeds him at an opportune time. He'll end up using the Rove team, then give appearances that he's considering Jebbie, then BAM, pick someone else as VP. Will be so close to election he'll have gotten everything he can get from Rove et al.

  • Neutralize or neuter? I prefer the latter.

  • This is all he knows how to do - he didn't get elected for his brain or ability to sponsor good legislation. Still pisses me off this guy "represents" me.

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    Better add a few more thousand to that number now that Roe is under attack. And if same-sex couples won't be able to adopt, then you're cutting out people who actually WANT to take on the responsibility. So who's going to take care of all of these kids? WHO??? I've said it before, and I'll say it again: only when the foster care system in this country has been fixed will I even consider a pro-life argument. And that argument better come from people who have tried to contribute to the foster care solution by adopting hard to place kids. Until then, shut the F up.

  • Hey now, I'm in South Carolina, the state that seceded from the union first, and I don't think a black Dem has more or less of a chance than a white Dem. While it's easy to lump all Southerners together and call us all racist, you're just doing what they do. I have never in my life lived above the Mason Dixon line, yet I grew up in two liberal enclaves. Don't write the whole South off - there are a lot of Dems here, especially around the bigger cities. The problem is that they just don't vote in the same proportion.

  • He was on Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago. I had never before heard him speak (much less knew what he looked like), but I was very impressed by him. Intelligent, well-spoken, and actually gave answers that didn't sound like they had been focus grouped.

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    I wholeheartedly agree. I've even caught my husband saying he doesn't know if he'd vote for a Democrat if the Bush cronies/RR weren't in charge. I'm scared the Dems are going to get comfy sitting back on their haunches, passively letting the Republicans crucify themselves. Because at the end of the day, Republicans (even though they're screwing things up) are controlling the dialogue. Dems need to be speaking in active voice - it's not too early.

  • I'm really worried about Davis as the nominee - he isn't thought very highly of in the northern part of the state. I think the poll numbers are so close right now because of the Bush backlash, but won't stay that way. If Davis does become the nominee he would do well to pick Smith as his running mate, as he has a rapport with the Panhandle. I'm biased though, as I was a former intern of Smith's and I can vouch that he is a good man and extremely smart and capable. Still kinda pissed he didn't go after atty. general and work his way up from there. It will be a shame if he fades from politics, as he is such an asset to the party.

  • The reason it's a longshot is because Crist has government experience behind him. Plus, for some odd reason Jeb! ended up being a semi-popular governor, which will help Crist. But hey, Jeb!, who had no govt experience, beat out McKay.

    What are Jeb's poll numbers right now? I still find it funny that when his brother was enjoying good poll numbers, only 19% of Floridians favored a Jeb! run for president.

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    If someone will let me crash with them in the district, I'll run. I'm only a few miles outside of it. Joe Wilson is a big name here and I have essentially zero chance in the SC Bible Belt (yes, even more conservative than the standard issue conservatives around here), but hey, I've got nothing else going on.

  • Oh believe me, he's far from hetero. He's got a woman he parades around at important functions, but everyone at the Capitol can barely keep a straight face when he introduces her as his girlfriend. He's been smart about his relationships - ex-wife and current boy toy are both Republicans willing to keep their mouths shut. But he wasn't exactly keeping said boy toy a secret before he decided to run for governor. Hopefully someone with credibility will talk - won't be the ex or the boyfriend. Can only hope for an assistant or colleague.

  • Haven't heard from Hodges in years. Have no idea who the Democrat nominee is, but that's not unusual down here in the Lowcountry. What makes it interesting is the rogue Republican who has entered the race - Lovelace I believe. Don't think he'll challenge for the nomination, but the fact that there's an obvious dissent from inside the party is telling. Sanford was recently named in the top 3 worst governors - his colleagues were Blanco and Taft. I say keep a watch on this race. Could get interesting.

  • Still think Crist will pull through in Florida unless someone can publicize his Log Cabin status (whoops, did I just do that?).

    As for SC governor race. Don't know whether you should believe polls at this point. I'm living in the center of his base and the stories are coming fast and furious about how much he is disliked.


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