Democrats Work: Yes We Cans!

"This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change."
President-elect Barack Obama

Across the country, food banks are struggling to keep up with increased demand.  And with the holidays approaching, Democrats Work is doing something about it.  We need your help.

Today, we are launching the Yes We Cans Virtual Food Drive to help you donate to the food bank in your community.

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Serve with Gen. Wes Clark - final 5 districts in contest!

The first round votes have been counted and we are down to the final five!  

Thousands and thousands of people cast first round votes in "Serve with the General" - the contest that will send General Wes Clark to one lucky Congressional District to participate in a community service project.  The race to get into the final round was extremely close!

Now it is time to pick from the final five districts: Washington's 8th (Darcy Burner), California's 4th (Charlie Brown), North Carolina's 10th (Daniel Johnson), Colorado's 4th (Betsy Markey), or Minnesota's 3rd (Ashwin Madia).

Click here to cast your final round vote!

(Every district starts back at zero votes for the final round, so make sure you cast a final round vote.)

You get to decide where Democrats will roll up their sleeves at a community service event with General Clark this summer.  

So cast your vote today! The final round of voting ends this Friday, June 6th, at 12:00 midnight eastern time.  

Thank you for your participation and for putting your Democratic values into action.  Spread the word!

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Democrats Work & Darcy Burner - Serving Well By Actually Serving

Somewhere along the line the pundits forgot that politics doesn't begin and end in Washington, DC.  They focus on FOX News appearances and ABC debates and the words of a pastor, but they fail to look at how some of us are making appearances in our communities, finding solutions, and getting beyond words.  

With every campaign talking about change this year, let's look some of the people who are changing the way they campaign.  Let's look at people who aren't just saying how they would act if they were elected, but are showing through their actions the very nature of their commitment and leadership.

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I'm meeting with Rep. DeGette, any ?s for her?

I am meeting with the Deputy House Whip, and member of the Energy and Commerce Committee at a media round table tomorrow.

If anyone has any questions for the Colorado Congresswoman, pass them along and I will try to blog her answers.

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Tell Tom Tancredo : Billboard Contest

 We have a lot we would like to tell Tom Tancredo, and we bet you do too.

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Sen. Gary Hart ~ C.I.L.T Event Notes

I attended the Colorado Institute for Leadership Training fundraising reception with Sen. Gary Hart that was held tonight at the Denver loft of Annie and Rutt Bridges.

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CO-6 Poll Data: Bill Winter in great shape

 I am combing through data that was gathered by Colorado Congressional candidate Bill Winter. He is in a fight against immigration extremist Tom Tancredo, and if he can raise the money to get out his message, we could help this district tip with the rest of Colorado into a bluer shade of purple. During the period from May 7-11, 500 people in CO-6 responded to a poll that asked their attitudes on Bush, Tancredo, Winter, and policy in general.

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Fighting Dem Bill Winter lights up the blogs

I am going to cross-post something from Kos that I wrote yesterday, giving many many reasons why Bill Winter of CO-6 deserves to be on the Netroots ActBlue page.

What I would really like to be cross-posting however, is a diary that Bill himself wrote today: DEFEND EVERY VILLAGE.

You could just stop reading this one right now and go there and see why this candidate is the man to take CO-6 out of the hands of arch-lunatic Tom Tancredo.

If you need 50 other reasons read on...

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