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    We have built an incredible volunteer base with this election, but now we have to hold onto these great people and make them something other than once-every-four-years citizens. Helping them see that actual service is what public service is all about is going to be the key to changing politics.

    We have to start doing a more committed job of taking care of people rather than it just being about the horse race. Let's feed the hungry, care for the sick, and make any conversation about "values" mean something more than just about who can be the most intolerant.

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    The big mistake here is to think that two candidates positives add up.

    Many people actually vote for the lesser of bad choices, and they add the negatives together first.

    "I would never vote for X, but I might vote for Y."

    That means if you run an X+Y ticket or a Y+X ticket you still lose all of those voters.

    The argument here is like saying that if Dick Cheney ran and took Jimmy Carter as his running mate he would sweep the country because the team would each deliver their base.

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    "So we end up with a split decision."

    I do not know if your predicted outcome will happen.
    I do not know how you are going to account for my vote that I cast in a caucus state.

    But what I really want to know is this...

    If at the end of the Superbowl, one team had more points, and the other team had more passing yards, would you consider that a "split decision"?

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    Didn't Carter lose the primary in West Virginia, and then go on to change things by November?

    The arguments around where Clinton and Obama won their primaries all fall down around the fact that it doesn't strongly correlate with success in the General.

    But what do I know? I am from Colorado. A swing state that Obama won and Clinton can't. So apparently we don't matter.

  • I just posted this in a couple of places, including DKos. I am really not certain who Darcy Burner is endorsing in the Presidential race. I am not a member of her campaign.

  • "No one is saying this is not going to the convention. everyone agrees that this will go to the convention."

    That depends on what it is you think everyone agrees will go to the convention. Obama's campaign? Yes.
    The fight for the nomination? No.

    Obama will have it wrapped up well before the convention, and he will win easily in November.

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    Many Obama supporters see him as a vehicle for change, and they see Clinton as a continuance of a cycle.

    Pres. MoreOftheSame + VP. Change = more of the same.

    It is a ticket that makes sense to Clinton supporters, because it gives them exactly what they want; Hillary in power.

    It is a ticket that gives nothing to many Obama supporters, because they do not come to campaign for the man's personal power, but for the new type of governance he advocates.

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    Stay safe.

    Thank you for what you are doing. I just wish that nobody had to go over there at all.

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    I keep hearing parallels between Alan Schlesinger and Ross Perot, but there is an important difference we should point out: Lieberman is the third party candidate.

    A spoiler takes the votes that should have gone to one candidate and makes the other a winner. None of the Republican votes were ones on which Joe had some sort of natural claim. That Joe can't capture all of Schlesinger's constituency is too bad for Joe, but Joe acting like a spoiled kid doesn't make Alan the spoiler.

  • You are, of course, absolutely correct. I fixed it. Thanks!

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    Lamm is the ex-wife of the former gov.'s brother.
    Some people in the district have her confused with her ex-husband's brother's wife who ran for Senate.

    She moved into the district to enter this race. She faced being blocked from the ballot by too little support in the caucuses, and instead went the petition route with field workers hired off of Craig's list. She has very little local infrastructure.

    Perlmutter was the 8 year State Senator from the District, has double her cash on hand, and has nearly all of the endorsements in this race; including the teachers, the AFL-CIO, the conservation voters, AFSCME, and almost everyone else except for EMILY's list.

    I am not saying that Lamm cannot win in three weeks, but I would not put her chances appreciably higher that Herb Rubenstein who is also on the primary ballot for the Dems.
    Herb's self financed campaign is a longshot, but I would argue that his abillity to mobilize local support has been at least as effective as Peggy's.

    I am going to happily support any of the three that wins, as they would all represent this district better than anyone we have had recently, but from the perspective of this resident of the district I can tell you that the only people that think that someone other than Perlmutter will be the candidate are Peggy's communications people, people from outside the district, and the Republicans who would like to see someone other than Ed Perlmutter.

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    I don't see this as cheerleading for Warner at all. I think this is a great decision on the side of Colorado and Texas to stand together in their common fight.

    If Gov. Warner supports good progressive candidates like Winter and Courage, then he will deserve our applause. We can still disagree with him whenever he gives us cause, but if he stands by these guys he can earn some respect in my book.

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    Great to see Jay on the page.
    I look forward to blogging more about him on SquareState.

    I am hoping for fireworks when Crashing the Gates crashes the debates!

  • Until they add Bill Winter to the ActBlue Netroots page, all claims that the endorsements are based on local blog support are laughable.

    Colorado has one of the most developed local blog networks in the country, and the Colorado blogs are solidly behind Bill Winter and say so whenever endorsements to that page are asked for, and say so every single day at our websites.

    We voted him onto the Feingold Progressive Patriots endorsement. Tonight we voted him onto Mark Warner's Map Changers list. We write about him, and he speaks for himself, constantly on our pages.

    The Netroots endorses Bill Winter. The local blogs of Colorado are crying out in support of Bill and we need the national support that Bill Winter has earned and deserves.

    If you want the Netroots endorsed page to reflect the grassroots and the local bloggers, then read our blogs and our comments. Put Bill on the ActBlue page!

  • Ok, my shift is done and time to blog for Bill.

    Bill makes it easy. While I was waiting for a chance to put in a good word for the best candidate on the map, he was busy typing his Kos diary for the day.

    TRAILER PARKS & TRUST FUNDS--How the DLC got it all wrong!

    Read that diary, and all his others, and notice the hundreds of extended replies he has done to nearly every comment anyone has ever posted to his diaries.

    There is nobody West of Ned Lamont that is a more obvious choice than Winter for the Netroots endorsement.


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