A different perspective on fundraising

Let me be blunt, the whole idea of fundraising sickens me, I am not sure I have enough vocabulary to express how bad I think it is, so I am just going to say, very bad. Call me what you want, but I believe that the way any democratic system should work is for every candidate to be given equal opportunity to voice their message. All elector should be expected to do should be to simply vote for the one they want, the idea that they should invest some of their money (diverting it from other more useful uses) in the victory of the candidate they want, I'm sorry, it's just offensive.

Now I can be reasonable, I know we have to run with the system as it is. I don't have a problem with Obama choosing the best option for victory.

My problem is all the enthusiasm from the left about this intrinsically unfair system just because "this time" it "seems" to favor us. So you will excuse me if I don't jump in the political contribution bandwagon and will keep the amount of money I spend on it to 0.

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In short: forget the idea of a quick withdrawal from Iraq, such a slogan could doom our chances in November. The sad truth is that the US army is the only thing keeping the country together and that the moment we withdraw, all hell is going to break loose. Knowing that it is inevitable, this is something that we should be able to live with, but here is something that will be harder to live with: a 200+ dollars a barrel for oil which is certain to happen if we do this.

I am not sure people in the progressive movement realize how tight the oil market is, today we witnessed a price increase of 11$ in one day and all it took for that to happen was for the Israeli Minister of Transportation to say that an attack on Iran was inevitable. Just imagine what would happen if the US were to leave and turks, Kurds, sunni, Shia would duke it out.

If McCain says during the campaign that withdrawal from Iraq will double the price of gas, people will believe him, because it is essentially true.

It is not a diary for Barak as I am certain he is aware of the problem. It is for the blogosphere...

Withdrawal from Iraq is not a strong message any more.

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Hillary: Just take some vacation.

It only takes a couple of days reading newpapers and watching cable news to realize that you will never be good enough for those guys. It does not matter what you do, you will be blamed.

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A ban on Troll

Ok, this is getting out of hand.

In the last few days the word troll seems to be getting used with increasing frequency. In comments, people say this guy is a troll, we read diaries denouncing yet another troll.

Is the new definition for troll: A guy I disagree with or someone I don't like?

What I see are people trying to kick each other out...

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Well time for a tribalistic analysis:

That's what you were all waiting for weren't you?

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A little story

Here is a little story from a far away Country.

It is 2007, there is a presidential elections in this country, the conservatives are in charge, the current president Mr C is very unpopular (<40%), his government doesn't fare much better. The Opposition from the left is extremely confident, after all the approval ratings of the current government are very low and never, ever, has the same political party held the reigns of power for more than two terms. After two terms the people get so sick of the current party in power that they vote them out, every time.

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The price to pay

Ladies and gentlemen, I have come to a decision. But first, the context: I was watching Keith Olberman.

And now the decision. My price for my vote will be: the VP slot for Hillary. That's right, otherwise I'm outa here. I feel, it is the only way she (and since I support her: I) will get the respect that we deserve.

If you are unhappy with my decision, no need to contact me, contact KO.

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Choosing a VP

The question is who will be Obama's VP?

1) Don't hold your breath, the outcome is already written. Obama has no choice but to ask Hillary to be his VP. Now, no need to be offended, this is the nature of politics, his victory was simply not large enough to grant him freedom of choice, he has to give something big to Hillary's supporters, supporters that keep voting for her against all odds to the bitter end. I suspect that the VP slot is the only thing big enough. Wether the people who vote for Hillary are "true" democrats is beside the point, that's not a GE argument. So he will ask and, I suspect, pray to god she says no.

2) Now, what about Hillary's side of the equation? If Obama loses, she will be blamed, the people who don't believe that don't watch tv. In the end, the only way she would not be is if he doesn't ask her. On the other end, if she is asked and says no, the blame is on her, guaranteed. Let me quote Chris Mettews responding to the question "Does Hillary want to be the VP?" his response was "if she wants him to win, yes".

So there you have it:
1)    Obama needs to ask her but doesn't want her to accept.
2)    Hillary doesn't want to be asked, but has to accept if she is.

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Clueless about elitism.

Elitism, is NOT about belonging to the elite. ALL politicians belong to the elite, Obama included. So it's not about what class you belong to.

It's not about where you come from either. Saying that you come from humble origin but somehow made it through hard work etc... is REPUBLICAN talking points. It has a feel of, "it's your fault if you are poor", "you are not working hard enough". This is not a progressive message.

Elitism is about whether you care or not. Elitism is saying "the jobs are not coming back". The opposite is saying "I will fight to bring those jobs back" (whether you think it is possible is beyond the point, you have to try).
Democrats would be well served remembering that.

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Three way race anyone?

After all Lieberman did it, didn't he, and he wasn't running on the best platform.

I am not advocating for this to happen but looking at this in a dispassionate way, I believe her victory would be possible if not likely. As for party loyalty, this goes both ways, did you hear what she has been accused of lately? by her own camp? Of what use is a party that accuses you of calling for the assassination of someone?

She has to draw the line somewhere about such demonization and maybe the line should be drawn here.

BO's democratic party is exactly what is wrong about the democratic party, it is the party that looks after the college educated upper classes but doesn't mind promoting free trade and destroying the working class. It's not about change, it's about same old same old, why do you think the establishment and the MSM supports him.

In retrospect, I think that Ralf Nader was right all along.

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