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    I am a dual citizen born in Israel. I have lived in America since I was very young but I travel back often. I participated in a summer study abroad program sponsored by George Mason University to study the conflict. We engaged with people on both sides of the conflict and were able to get a very full sense of the conflict. I am VERY anti-likud and feel like they are destroying the nation. I tend to be very pro two state solution and pro peace.

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  • I don't really the conclusions of this post have much merit honestly.  With any church there is a clear distinction between those who attend and the membership. To become a recognized member of a church just as with any other organization requires alignment with the churches goals and beliefs. In the next paragraph Saddleback declares that i enforces the same policy for same sex individuals having intimate relations out of wedlock. This policy does not necessarily equal hate or hatemongering. When a church goes further to declare the taking away of civil or state granted rights for LGBT individuals, we are entering into the real of hatred but this certainly is an innocent statement at worst.

  • This title is incredibly ignorant. Mormons disavowed the notion of polygamy in 1890 and it is now practiced by fundamentalist sects that are all disowned from the main church organ and authority.

    It is unfair to stigmatize or criticize Mormons exclusively for the passage of proposition 8. Mormons as a whole are an extremely conservative group likely to fund money into very social conservative causes, but that is not true for everyone. We are all individuals in our voting habits and beliefs and this is actually encouraged by the church despite the misconceptions. I am a soon to be new member and still extremely socially liberal. I voted no on amendment 2 in florida and I am not a supporter of state sponsored bans on gay marriage. It's not right to stereotype the believers of a whole faith.


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