Hillary not the First to Call the House a Plantation

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's speech yesterday at the Rev. Al Sharpton's MLK Day event in which she said that the House of Representatives is run "like a Plantation" has received lots of media attention. Drudge even has it as his lead story. Well it turns out (Via The Politicker) that Hillary was merely echoing former Speaker Newt Gingrich.
"Since [the Democrats] think it is their job to run the plantation, it shocks them that I'm actually willing to lead the slave rebellion," Gingrich told the Washington Post on October 20, 1994.


Bush Approval Rating sinks to 49% in new Gallup Poll


Well these numbers are a little closer to the mark, not the 57% approval rating that Gallup had last week. In their words, his post SOTU ratings dissipated, but in reality last week's poll was an abberation as Chris pointed out.

Root for the Green Bay Packers Today

I don't buy this, but this close to the election, every little bit helps. Go Pack!--Chris

I haven't researched this personally, but I have heard it all over the media. Going back to 1932, whenever an incumbent president has run for re-election, their fate was tied in to the Washington Redskins. When the Redskins win the incumbent has won. When the Redskins lose the incumbent loses. Today at 1 PM - Green Bay at Washington. Go Pack!!! (and it will be doubly sweet for this Giant fan who loves to see the Skins lose)

Barabro vs, Fosella Update

This race, once thought to be Republican sho-in, is really starting to attract attention.When it was first mentioned here, I really didn't think Frank had any kind of chance at all. Now I am really getting kind of hopeful. He is polling within the MOE and there is some real excitement around here. Also the North Shore of Staten Island and the Brooklyn portion of the District have been trending more Democratic. There was a nice piece on this race today in the upstate Niagara Falls Reporter.Check out the whole article in the Extended Entry.

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