The Troll is Back

One of MYDD's most notorious HR abusing trolls has returned, posting a diary begging forgiveness for it's trollish behavior.

Some weeks ago this poster left MYDD after begging and pleading in emails for everyone to leave MYDD for it's new blog (where it hoped to cash in on the election fever).  You all know of whom i speak.  It was a well-known HR abuser.  

When the mods refused to ban Clinton supporters from MYDD it left to make a new blog, and enticed others to leave here and join it (I know, I got one of it's emails begging me to leave MYDD).

Now that it's new blog has failed it has come crawling back here.  It started with a diary (which it swore it would never write here again) admitting that it was a troll all along.

For instance:

"I've spent the last two or three months demonizing and vilifying the people around here who said they couldn't or wouldn't vote for Obama"

Yes you have.  You have consistently demonized anyone who didn't agree with you.  It's nice to see you admitting your trolldom.

"I've claimed that none of them were true Democrats and said their motivations were purely self-centered. I've called them fools and Republicans. I've even called some of them racists."

Yes you have called many folks racist. It was your standard demonizing trick.  You should be ashamed.

"This is a site dedicated to electing Democrats"

This site is none of your concern.  You left here in a huff to start your own blog.  Again, I alert the mods to the fact that you tried to get people to leave here to join you (against MYDD terms of service).

To anyone concerned, here is a portion of the email it was sending around.

""I can't make the decision of what to tell people. We aren't entirely set up anyway. ...I can tell  you that anyone who visits the new blog, will be posting under a relatively strict set of guidelines. The MyDD troll fest is the reason we're doing this in the first place, and people will be banned for any sort of trolling.""

Yes and you broke MYDD rules by trying to lure people away from here.

MODS, be advised that this troll will only continue to attack people who disagree with it, HR abusing them and enticing others to do the same.

It is a deceitful, treacherous thing.  It lives under a bridge and lives only to pounce on the unsuspecting.

"Well. I'm here to issue an apology."

Apology refused.  Go back to your amateur blog that no one visits.  You've burned your bridges here.

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Thinking of switching back to Obama (Apology accepted)

I'm thinking of switching back to Obama if he will apologize and make right the following missteps:

Apologize for using the racism slur against Hillary and Bill. As they have done more for AA's than any white politician in history, it is ridiculous for them to be charged with racism.  

Apologize for disenfranchising millions of voters in MI and FL.

Apologize for stealing 4 of Hillary's delegates.

Apologize for lying about Jeremiah Wright's portrayal in the media as being simply 'snippets' handpicked to make him look bad. (Wright later proved that these were not simply snippets taken out of context when he rehashed them at the National Press Club).

Apologize for not leaving that racist congregation sooner.

Apologize for his connections to the convicted felon Rezko and terrorist Ayers.


It's quite a laundry list, but if he wants my vote, he needs to make amends.


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