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    Yes, they got caught breaking these laws, but it's the tip of the iceberg for the Koch bros. wrongdoing. It's cheaper for them to pay fines, if they're made to, when they get caught. Doing the right thing in the first place cuts into their obscene profits. These men are evil. They don't care who or what they destroy for profit and our democracy seems to be at the top of the hit list today.

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    Using "retard" as a perjorative signals a lack of intelligence on the part of the writer. It is on a par with using the N word. I'm tired of name calling on both sides. There are plenty of adjectives, nouns and verbs in the English language that one can use to illustrate effectively a point and aptly describe individuals. Until such time tarheel74 elevates the vocabulary, articles are not worth my attention.

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    The AZ GOP is every bit as wacky as the rest of the Western states. The Gov (and candidate) who is so pro SB1070 has 2 advisors (and an advisor's wife) who have lobbied or are lobbying for the prison outfit that will directly profit most from the law. The GOP Senate hopefuls are out anti-immigrant-ing each other and slinging copious amounts of mud. The legislature while it has legalized sparklers, protected incandescent bulbs and guns made in AZ and enacted the infamous SB1070, is busy attempting to dismantle the US Constitution, ginning up this year's wedge issue...fear of Hispanic people. Too bad a lot of the AZ voters are just as wacked out...at least so far fear and hate are winning against sanity and facts.

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    Can't think of a Founding Father....like she couldn't think of one newspaper she read. Then falls back on the same answer... "All of them" and fumphers around trying to turn it into a semi-coherent comment. Can't. Geeshka.

  • If insurance underwriters are seeking excuses to exclude healthy infants, what chance does an average adult have of qualifying. Even if they do qualify for coverage, you know there's someone seeking to find that "out"...like that the adult was once a chunky monkey infant..and failed to disclose. Geesh.

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    Yes. I'm both gladdened and saddened to find others agreeing with my view that all the right wing hoo hah and vitriol is the Gop avoiding the "n" word. They can say it's against taxes or health care reform or socialism or whatever but bottom line is it's 1) because Obama won and 1) because they're racist. Some racists wear literal masks, today's simply don faux outrage on politial issues. I heartily agree with the line: "always remember that silence gives consent". We must speak up and loudly.

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    EEEUUUUUGGGHHH! Ed Schultz is only a pseudo-progressive & I would not watch his show anymore than I listen to it now. How about Lawrence O'Donnell? Or the above mentioned Sam Seder? Or no, make it Randi Rhodes!

  • McConnell's telling the President what he "should" be doing and now telling the NH Governor who he "will" appoint to replace Gregg. Sounds like he's got a case of the GOP delusions of grandeur. Did anyone tell him he's not in charge of much anymore?

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    In 1996, the rabid right hadn't yet vented their fear and politicized GLBT issues. Few thought 12 years ago that states would legalize gay marriage. While President-elect Obama may be personally in favor of gay marriage, the political reality of today is that it's a wedge issue being used effectively by the GOP. Given CA's Prop 8 and other state ballot measures, it may become a Federal Civil Rights issue, as likely it should. Wait until Obama actually become President and see how he handles the issue, and the other issues facing this nation.

  • I want to see the list and exactly how many times "My Pet Goat" is listed... then a Bush written book report on each book.

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    Posing's hard work! Even for a poser who has had 8 years practice posing as president.

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    Obviously the board members have not yet been touched by the noodley appendage.

    The actual levity is in those who voted for Coleman...in a "we want our very own soon to be indicted blatantly crooked politician." way.

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    Yeah, sure. Joe's just looking forward to a gig shilling for Palin in future elections. Palin's about as power hungry as they come. She may want it so she can turn the US into a dominionist theocracy...but that's even worse than the current regime of profiteers and neocons.

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    Good choices for the nation but with the naming of Napolitano to head Homeland Security... Arizona is screwed. We'll now be in the hands of the uber partisan GOP Jan Brewer as Gov. Help!

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    So Mccain's coming to AZ for something other than Starbucks and a few days at the multimillion dollar "cabin" estate. And yet again the Mccain campaign gets it wrong. They put in an appearance in his home state but in Prescott, a very very Republican bastion. They're again preaching to a select audience of the very faithful...not one "undecided" voter there. And geesh but I would love to see our Gov. Janet Napolitano as my Senator! I'd also like to see the state that elected her Governor twice, help elect OBAMA!


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