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    and have never read the PUMA diaries. I just learned today what PUMA means so give the guy a break.

    I am chasing 2 kids under 5 so i read what i can read (usually 30 minutes). I rarely post!

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    I will play..
    The last time I checked, Senator Obama identifies with black culture--which is no surprised because IF YOU LOOK BLACK--SOCIETY WILL TREAT YOU AS A BLACK MAN.

    You can be raised by chickens, it doesn't matter if all they see is black.
    Why are we talking about Tiger Woods again?....

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    we are so used to seeing the lone brown face plunked in plain view of white politicians during photo ops, but I have to say that doesn't really work for Obama, especially during the GE. Instead of inflating the perception of "multicultural support", he has to present himself as having a large mainstream support--ie, white people.

    just something off the top of my head,

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    like a back door smear.

    During his NC speech, there wasn't a black person behind Obama. Duh. It window dressing. You can expect to see white older women, and menseated behind these days. To quote so many before me:

    Its chess, not checkers muthaphukahs.

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    Its how elitist Cindy McCain is--THEY ARE MILLIONARES WITH LIVE IN HELP that cooked and cleaned for their children while Cindy was high on vicotin by 2pm-Ladies who lunch don't cook pork chops, their nannies do, hell, I bet she rarely joined them for dinner.

    Now how out of touch with the average American is that?

  • 1. yes roe v. wade will be overturned if McCain is elected

    1. zzzzzzz
    2. Clinton supporters left DK, at the time it was called a BOYCOTT
    3. You have a choice, ignore Hillary pleas to vote for Obama.
    4. He answered "sweeties" questions and she said their encounter was not that big of a deal, but if you are looking for something to make out of nothing, then who can stop you.
    6.LMAO! Rapper Jay Z incident has been proven false which must make you a  republican troll.

    Oh, he didn't slap Michelle's ass--he tapped just above her ass. In my culture we call it the lower back. There wasn't even close to cheek contact. Oh Lord, I am going to stop typing now because you must be a troll

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    she could get the job done, and it is one hot mess that needs someone like Hillary

  • this will all become part of the matrix of lies about Obama

    he's a muslim
    he doesn't know the pledge of allegience
    his wife is racist
    he's a secret terrorist waiting to hand the US over the Osama
    he only cares about black people

    this is why Fox keeps doing stories about this shit. They are doing a story about a possible, ever breaking story. Classic.

  • i know this story is made up by white people because:

    1. white people think blacks call them whitey when they are not around--this is not true, we just call you assholes.

    2. If in fact this tape exists, michelle must have been like 10 years old--that was the last time a black person had been documented using the word whitey-- that was 1972!


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    Fox keeps running stories about how there is something about Michelle Obama that is about to explode.  Who is this secret kabal of "republicans"? Do you think they have a suite of offices at Homeland Security so they have easy access to all transmission?


    Its not a story until it is. Until then, zzzzzzz

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    I forgot about how people who voted in the Repub primary couldn't  re vote.

    This has always come across as Clinton trying to count Clinton votes--count all the votes--always stuck me as bad dinner theater

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    MI pulled the same shit in 2000.  They got what they deserved.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYa5MY3MR Xc

  • Wah?  Donnie McClurkin is a black spiritual singer. Are you sure of the name?

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    Of the MI election, yet people keep framing it as though it was only Obama that had removed his name. He wasn't the only one--and the race wasn't even over yet.


    Clinton really did luck out in regards to MI, and she won't take it to the convention unless she pulls within 25 delegates or so--WHICH WILL NOT HAPPEN.


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