OH-18 Joy Padgett wins R nomination

Joy Padgett has been declared the winner in the special election to replace Bob Ney as the Republican candidate on the ballot.  She had about 54% of the 10,000 votes cast. A very low turnout. She will face Zack Space (D) in November for the OH-18 House Congressional seat.
I was following Jerry Firman, who blogs as "oldfogey".  Jerry garnered under 400 votes.

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Coleen Rowley

I find Coleen Rowley in MN a compelling candidate. (See "Hardball" last Friday where Norah O'Donnell did a terrible job of substituting for Chris Mathews by letting the loudmouth Mark Williams rant on).  What are her chances against Kline?  Is she adequately financed? What organizations are coming to her aid?


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