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    Looks like I'll be moving on from MyDD.

    This is not the MyDD I signed on to.

    Good luck wherever life takes you.

  • My Vote Has already been cast for Kevin Boyce  and the rest of then Democratic slate in Ohio.


  • Not sure why you have posted this attack on Kevin Boyce.

    Do you wish to see Mandel elected?  Do you believe Mandel is the better choice?

  • If Shelley Capito were to run for Byrd's Senate seat, would she have to relinquish running for her House seat, or is she permitted to run for both Senate and House at the same time in WV? (not a common occurence, but sometimes state laws permit this).

    If she relinquishes her House seat, what are the chances of a Dem. takeover of her seat, especially given that  a Manchin run for Senate would strengthen the WV Dem. ticket overall?

    Who would be the likely Dem. candidate in Capito's House district? Is there still time for a strong candidate to get in the race, or has the door closed on that possibility?

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    In Ohio Menendez backed Fisher v. Jennifer Brunner in the Dem. Senate primary.  He made sure that Brunner did not get necessary funding, although Brunner was the gutsy, more attractive candidate, not to mention that she might have been  Ohio's first female Senator.

     As a result we'll have Fisher v. Rob Portman in the Nov. general election.   Fisher will not attract voters in southern Ohio, while Portman, despite having to wear the Bush label, has the money, youthful good looks and charisma to retain the Senate seat for Republicans. 

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    I live in SW Ohio, in Portman's former Congressional district, now held by Jean Schmidt.

    Fisher has no charisma, really no message.  He will not appeal to southern Ohio; he hasn't won a statewide race in 20 yrs.

    Although Portman should have much to answer for, after being in the Bush administration, he has a certain charm and is from a family with loads of money.

    Brunner won most of the Southern OH counties along the Ohio River, as well as NW Ohio.  She ranked a point or two higher than Fisher over Portman, perhaps not significant, but pretty good considering the pols stacked against her. 

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    Unfortunately the DC establishment had its way in the Ohio Dem Senatorial primary.  Menendez of NJ wanted Fisher over Brunner, the grassroots favorite, running TV ads for Fisher when Brunner was cut off from funding.

    Too bad for Ohio - Portman (R) is likely winner in Nov.

  • The problem is that not realizing that Mary Taylor will not be running for auditor sort of deflates your premise.

    Jennifer Brunner is by far the superior Dem. candidate for US Senator.  She is a smart, proactive gutsy Secretary of State.  She has shown her strong character in not bowing to the pols who would have wished her out of the race.

    Unfortunately, due partially to Sen Menendez of NJ denying her national Dem. funding, she has had to run a low-budget race.  However, the grassroots are behind her, and she may pull off a win.

    Lee Fisher has run state-wide in the past and has not ever won.  I don't see him beating Rob Portman, despite Portman's record of working with Bush administration. 

    It would be great to have a strong, smart woman represent Ohio in the US Senate.

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    Mary Taylor is running as John Kasich's running mate.

    David Pepper, Hamilton county Commissioner and former Cincinnati city councilman, will be the Dem candidate for auditor.  He is the son of John Pepper, well-regarded former Procter & Gamble president, and therefore, he has been well-funded in past campaigns.

    I believe the Republicans have a primary for their auditor candidate.



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    Indianapolis, fine.

    But please elect a Dem. governor and Senator first.

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    Please, not Texas.

    Not Georgia.

    Not Florida, not Utah.

    I'd like to see a Midwestern state, preferably one with a good number of electoral votes.  - Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, or Michigan.  Pennsykvania could be a good pick as well.



  • Apparently even Rasmussen Reports, as of April 1, scores Strickland and Kasich in a virtual tie, with Kasich leading by 1% among likely voters.


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