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    Sorry you could never be a PUMA, Lin. Actually, I don't understand why. This diary has outlined some of the very many reasons long time Democrats like me have chosen that option. Actually, I see no other option. I thing Mr. BO is an empty suit and a fraud. And that's because I've been in it since February and have been paying attention to more than the MSM...besides doing my own research. I miss you at Hillary's voice. I miss your pro-Hillary diaries. I know she wouldn't mind if you continued to support her. Susanclare

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    So...don't vote for the guy! The democratic party needs to be reclaimed. We need to make a statement that we are not happy with the primary process or the anointed candidate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for founding PUMA. I agree with your premise. Why are you so heavily scrutinized and BO gets a pass on just about everything? Ms. Murphy, hang in there. We must all stick together.

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    Right on, Cyn!!!!

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    Cat - thanks for addressing an issue we have all been thinking about. Linfar was once one of the shining stars...so thanks. The questions needed to be asked.

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    You are apparently a typical bot...thoughtless, classless and clueless. Those of us eschewing Mr. BO are doing it because he is an extremelty low-level candidate. And his supporters continue to confirm that thesis.

  • You go, Patriot. Stay the course. NOBAMA. No Way. No How. And we have many reasons...susanclare

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    linfar, for me it is not about going against what Hillary requested. It is a gut level response to Mr. BO. I THINK HE IS A TERRIBLE CANDIDATE. In spite of being a long time loyal democrat, I therefore cannot support him. I also have been appalled by a process that was so flawed it made my stomach turn. I cannot forget these things. It would compromise my integrity and my patriotism to support a candidate I detest and do not respect. That could be the downside in getting myself so involved in the process. Perhaps like many Americans, ignorance would have been bliss. So forgive me, as I have asked Hillary to forgive me, for not being able to support the democratic nominee (presumptive). I therefore do visit groups that support alternative points of view. There were 18 million of us who supported Hillary Clinton. I hope many of us will stay the course.

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    Lin, cannot agree with you on this one. Why? Because the process was so flawed. If we let Brazile and Dean get away with this stuff, there is no point to even having a democratic party. I do not trust BO. Period. Just because he has the moniker democrat, what does that mean? He's been gliding through without doing any work for years. Just give a good speech, use the ole Chicage style politics to knock off your opponent and get a new job! Sorry, I trust the check and balances to keep the country from imploding if McCain is elected. Plus, I don't think he's THAT bad. Look who we've had for almost 8 years? I will be voting for neither. Yup, it's a sad day when a person feels the only answer is not to vote. Perhaps I'll go Green. BO does not deserve my vote. The fight was rigged!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks, Texas. It's hard to keep going when there is a wave, a heavy weight of BO supporters stealing the show. I found it interesting that the MSM failed to mention that the superD vote did not count until August. This, after numerous delegates have shifted support (mostly to BO (the cowards)). It really isn't over until August. The media should be making that clear. Of course, they are BO fawners and would not dare point out the truth.

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    Your mom's perceptions were right on! I suspect when the dust settles and someone dares to do an honest analysis of this primary, BO slimy tactics, particulary in the caucus states will be revealed. But again, too late. It is difficult not to be cynical about the so-called democratic process in our country. The more one learns, the more cynical one gets. Check out the repub's latest ad on BO's thin resume. The MSM should have been talking about this since the primary began. BO has surely earned the moniker of the true teflon candidate. This long-time democrat cannot vote for BO. I've learned too much about him. Very sad...the party has again lost its mind!
    And now it's the country that will suffer. And that's real people I'm talking about here!
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    Thanks, Alegre. This stuff should have had MSM headlines weeks ago. The press is not doing its job. BO really knows how to game the system. And those who could put it out there just turn their backs. We have a problem, Houston! The future solution is to do away with the caucus system. This would be justified based on voter participation discrepancies alone.

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    Yes...something the MSM SHOULD be talking about...but, gosh, why don't they? Is there a pattern here? Thanks for the research and the post! Nice work!

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    Wow... the Obamabots are certainly over the top this evening. I know metaphor can sometimes be a little difficult to comprehend but, golly gee, I thought the bots were supposed to be intellectual types...but, come to think of it, reading their comments certainly immediately dismisses that notion. It was time you pointed out the obvious, lin. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, Alegre, Yes. This needs to be said over and over again. I wonder how this wonderful candidate can be doing so well when just about every pundit, journalist and talking head seems to be out to get her. I have concluded that the only explanation is that it's the people who want Hillary Clinton. I know, how quaint, to think the people count in this so-called democratic election...Yes, Hillary take it to Denver.


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