Candidate Forum, Special Election for DC's At-Large City Council

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Last week, we attended a candidate forum for candidates in the special election for Washington, DC's At-Large City Council. We were hosted by DC for Democracy, Greater Greater Washington, and the DC Environmental Network. This event was streamed live and you can watch the entire recording of that livefeed here. Below, you will find videos broken out by question. We have posted every question that was asked, in the order it was asked. Enjoy!

Rather than embedding all 19 videos separately, I'm going to embed a playlist with all of them in it. The videos are arranged in the order they were asked.

Question Topics:
Opening Remarks
Income Tax Structure
Cutting Expenditures
Why Being Native Washingtonian is Important
Gay Marriage
Statehood Strategy
Looking Back From 2020
What Would You Have Done Differently?
Buses, Streetcars, and Bikes
Growing DC's Population
Public School Reform
Walmart in the District
Affordable Housing
Polluted Rivers
Best Mayor of DC
Tax Abatements
Youth Violence

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